Thursday, December 22, 2005

DAY 4: The Legendary Frog-Kitten!

With Day 4 of My Holiday passing ever so quickly, I am now slowly beginning to panic as the last few days of Christmas shopping has not turned out to be fruitful at all.
(Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Can't find anything suitable! - I do NOT want to resort to buying "Merry Christmas" mugs and paperweights!)
(*sigh*.. Maybe next time I should start my search earlier,... like say, January)

Anyway, here's a dose of overwhelming cuteness to brighten up your day:

It's SO KEY-YUTE....!
Image hosted by

I want one!
(erm.... anyone wanna volunteer to get me a Christmas present?)

Oh, and for you office minions who are still working right now....
Have no fear, Friday is near!
(And that means: It's very close to the weekend + very close to Christmas!)
(So, hold on and be strong...)

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