Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Momma Don't Wuv Me No More!

Sigh. What a way to start a holiday....
(To cut a long story short)

1) Went out for dinner with parents on Sunday - 2 sets of housekeys are taken out but 1 was left in the car.
2) Woke up on Monday morning. Found that parents were both out.
3) Bathed, brushed teeth.
4) Discovered that I had been locked in the house.
5) Called parents to ask for location of spare set of keys. Outcome was as follows:
Momma Sez: "I am playing mah-jong** - Don't disturb me!. Go call your father..." *hangs up*
Daddy Sez:"I am at work - Don't disturb me!. Go call your momma..." *hangs up*
*called Momma back and told her about what Daddy said*
Momma Sez:"Didn't I tell you that I was busy? Anyway, I don't remember where the spare keys are. Just look around" *hangs up*

The Elusive Key


*tried to locate spare keys unsuccessfully*

6) Cursed lightly under breath and made mental note to never call parents as back up on emergencies.
7) Implored Nick to drive over to my house and retrieve my keys from the car, causing me to be forever indebted to him
(Thanks for saving me, Nick! Really appreciate it and will never forget this favour... Will also never forget your cheeky grin as you dangled my keys outside my door asking me how much it was worth to me)

I am thinking that not only are the apron strings cut,... the apron has been burnt and its ashes scattered over the choppy waters of the Straits of Malacca...
Oh well.

Met up with Pat for lunch after escaping from my house and drowned my sorrows in a yummy, yummy pancakes....
(Paddington's House of Pancakes has a new menu! - YAY!)

Then, went indulged in a long overdue manicure+pedicure at my usual place: Nail Basics @ Hartamas...
(I feel pwetty again! - YAY!)

Anyway, I'm back in the office now...
Just killing time till I start on my annual leave next week...


Just killing time?
Who am I kidding?

Better get back to work....
*deadline looming*


(** A Chinese game similar to gin-rummy, but using tiles as game pieces instead of cards)

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