Wednesday, December 28, 2005

May Ze Force Be Wizth You, Young Padawan!

Mmmm,... a rainy morning in PJ today...
Definately a great day to sleep in.... not so great for going to work....

That's the thing about Malaysian weather though...
We really only have 2 main varietals:
1) FRIGGIN' hot
2) Bloody raining cats and dogs

Oh well. Really shouldn't gripe about things that I can't change.


Here's a classic.....
(Tis not a new video.... but funny nonetheless)

(and just FYI, I love the whole Star Wars hexalogy (or is it a double trilogy?), EXCLUDING Episode I and II.... but it's just funny to see a handpuppet take the mickey out of a bunch of avid fans)

Triumph sez: "Spoiler? Here's a spoiler: ... *dramatic pause*... You will die alone!"


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