Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dear Hollywood,

I hope that you are well.

There were just a few things I was confused about and I thought I should ask:
What happened to the perfect life filled with love and happiness that you said were certainties?

The brave knight in shining armour that was supposed to sweep me off my feet and love me no matter what - seems like he's lost in the woods somewhere/ eaten by a dragon...
... or maybe he never existed.

Why are there so many tragic dramas out there and not romantic comedies with "happily ever afters"? You mean there ISN'T really a happy ending for eveyone?

It seems to be that love tends to hurt and more often than not, it's complicated and takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears - definately none of that love at first sight bullshit.
(Lust at first sight maybe, but definately not love)

So many questions.
I don't think I will be receiving any reasonably acceptable answers though.

Do you?

Best regards,

YES lah - I'm moody again. It's getting too close to Valentines Day.... and I'm usually moody around this joyful time of year.... Also, I am feeling particularly melancholic after watching Disney's Sleeping Beauty and contrasting it with my life (it's silly, I know *blush*)....

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  1. dun worry, ur bg will be showering u with rose petals, giving u a diamond ring & chocolate & most romantic dinner with champagne come feb 14th!

  2. Maaaan, what's going on with all you gals in Malaysia? Are your fellas really that nasty that everytime you get into a relationship that it has to end in bitterness and spite?

    I am very sorry for you, J, but hope that there have also been some very happy times with various boyfriends/girlfriends/ parters over the years.

    I say, "Love's great - get on board, and see how it makes all the food taste better, the songs sound ... songier and your creativity bubbles all over the shop. And if that means having to have some tough, bitter and/or downright horrible times afterwards, well at least you got to sample the good stuff? Right?

    Sorry, I have been away and needed to get some angst off my head ;)

  3. to wuching:
    You really think so?
    Well, I'll hope for the best but expect the worse....
    (My motto in life, pretty much)

    to donkeyblog:
    (Welcome back!)
    (and no worries - it's totally ok for you to let some steam off)

    Well, I've had happy times... but for the most part, my relationships don't end up very well and admittedly, sometimes it's my fault...
    I guess I'm just a complicated person... Either that, or I'm just a drama queen.

  4. I hate valentine's day. And I hate Holywood for hyping up VDay :P

  5. to Merv:
    I'm totally with you on that...
    Bloody V-day and bloody Hollywood.
    They're EVIL.

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