Monday, January 08, 2007

Reaping The Fruits Of My Labour

I was a really good girl (again) and woke up for a 20 minute jog on Saturday morning... I guess I must have pushed myself enough because now my leg muscles hurt like sh1t!

I suppose it's not all THAT bad...
Well, walking around on flat ground is ok but the moment I try to walk up or down a flight of stairs...
... every single step is dose of wrenching, burning, knee-weakening AGONY!

If exercise is good for you then why did God make it hurt so bad?
And when am I gonna start losing weight anyway?
*prods self in jiggling belly*

Anyway, Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. hmmm..maybe you can try to do some light exercise like streching your hands and legs before you go for a run?

  2. i went jogging yesterday and died within 20 mins. so sad man hahahah

    happy monday to you too! (psst... happy and monday don't go well together haha)

  3. dant de ant de ant de nat de na........dant de ant de ant de nat de na.......da da nahhhh....da da nahhhhhhh...keep up the good work rocky balboa....... after you become a lean mean killing meachine, I'll challenge you to a fight!!!I usually allways find it is easier to run with someone, especailly if they are called the police or rover.

    peace from the middle east....of canada

  4. to meiyen:
    I did that but maybe it wasn't enough.....
    Leg still so pain...!

    to merv:
    Wanna race?
    We'll see who doesn't faint after running for half an hour.
    Winner gets to buy the loser some chocolates!

  5. to b:
    Thanks for the moral support!
    (Huh? Easier to run WITH the police or run FROM the police??)

  6. It hurts so that you will appreciate your daily jog? Hehehe
    Don't worry, once your muscle is tone'll be as easy as ABC.

    For losing weight, maybe you can try eating more during breakfast and lunch. Ate half of what you usually have during dinner. I assure you, you're not gonna feel hungry. :)

  7. Poor JQ - maybe you didn't do enough stretching. (which should take at least 10 mins for newbies)

    Ah well, the next time shouldn't be too hard! :P (or, take it down a notch and go for brisk walking instead - what you really need is to reach your target heart rate and whatnot, you don't have to overexert yourself. XD)

    p/s: This is my RL blog btw, not the LJ one, so could you change it. (

  8. to che-cheh:
    It also makes me appreciate how walking around on normal days are a painless experience...
    Thanks for the eating tip!
    (I also have to work on my willpower though because I find that most times, what I eat and how much I eat has nothing to do with hunger and EVERYTHING to do with greed... haha)

    to nina:
    Well, I found out the hard way that I didn't stretch enough...
    (Ok... cool, have changed your blog link already)


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