Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday AGAIN

How do 48 hours pass by so quickly?....

The weekend was pretty good though I suppose...
Highlight of the 2 days?: Being stuck at the back of an Audi TT.

Not really.
It was quite a horrible experience actually.

I accompanied my bf to go test drive the car at a nearby 2nd hand car dealer and had to force my ass into the itty bitty space called the back seat. It's hilarious - why bother putting in a back seat at all if all you can really put there is a large handbag or a small child?
(I practically had to fold myself in half but I still bumped my head and knees several times)

Still, it was a nice car I guess.
It's not TOO flashy.... and the ride was pretty smooth...

Personally though, I'm really not very good with cars.
I can only categorise them in a very shallow manner as "Yucky" or "Ok-lah" or "Nice", without much regard for price or performance.

What do you think of the Audi TT?:
Vroom, VROOM!.....

(The one I sat in is the not the exact same model as the one in the photo but the previous owner had made a few modifications)

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  1. ur buying a new car..nice..

  2. to wuching:
    No lah no lah.
    No money to buy new car!
    (I think I will be sticking to my beat up old Proton for many years more!)

    But if my bf buys the car then I can enjoy sitting in it lah.

  3. Wah nice car...i heard service cost for cars like this very expensive.

  4. to che-cheh:
    I'm sure it's definately more expensive than servicing a Proton but a lot cheaper than servicing a Porsche.
    (Yay for Protons!)

  5. Audi TT is not a really good car for the price, unless your bf is loaded..

    Rather be paying for a second-hand BMW.. Looks pretty but there are better cars out there.. Ask your bf if he can find a Toyota Celica..

  6. do what feels good, and you know what feels good??????

  7. to b:
    Well, do something that feels good = eating chocolates, to me.

  8. to dustrey:
    Well, he's not loaded... but I guess that's just one of his dream cars...
    His other dream car is a Ferrari and I don't think there's any way he can afford that.


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