Wednesday, January 10, 2007

When Will It End?

Am so irritated.

I have reached the ripe ol' age (this is relative, I know) of 25 26 (DAMN YOU, 2007!) this year and my skin is still breaking out like I'm still in high school.

In FACT, I don't even remember having this much of a problem when I actually WAS in high school...

Pimply faces are just SO not sexy.
Well, I suppose I could go all "healthy living" and avoid:
1) Oily food,
2) Spicy food,
3) Alcohol,
4) Late nights,
5) etc.
... but really, what's the fun in that?

Some people are so lucky though - genetics are really the key to success when it comes to good skin.
I know one or two people who, annoyingly, only wash their faces with soap and water... Then, they just put a dab of normal off-the-counter, drug store moisturizer and NEVER seem to have pimples/ open pores/ blackheads/ etc.

I have to spend a bomb on expensive designer skincare just to maintain the blotchy combination skin that I have.
*seething with jealousy*
Bloody genetics.

You win some, you lose some, I guess.....
Let's see, I got:
1) Bad skin from both parents,
2) Big feet from mum,
3) Frizzy hair from dad,
4) Flawed eyesight from both parents,
5) Ease of gaining weight from dad,
6) Hey........ waitaminute.....

Where are the good things??

(*lol* Happy Monday, everyone!)

Talking about beauty though, here's an ad that I like:

So those girls in the magazines are (mostly) all fake!
Yay for real girls!

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  1. We were just talking about this the other day - all through high schoool, your parents and teachers all tell you not to worry about looking like The Man in the Moon. They tell you that once you're bang through puberty, your skin will be spotless.

    But it's a con!

    Now, at 32, when we wake up every Monday morning and look in the mirror, we know that that was all just bullshit to stop us from committing suicide - damn those right-to-lifers!

  2. to donkeyblog:
    Yeah... we are all taken as fools!

    When I was younger, I personally got conned into eating much more veggies then I would have liked to because they were the supposed guarantee to wonderfully healthy and clear skin...

    Well, they didn't work!

  3. i heard tea helps for the skin and pimples and stuff. not sure tho :P

  4. to merv:
    ... but if I start drinking tea then wouldn't it be difficult for me to fulfill my daily requirement of 3 cups of coffee?

  5. It's the GENE pool...sorry guys...I don't have such problems and to think that I use soap and water only...

  6. to hungryox:

  7. Hey J, try product that have at least 5% of Benzoyl Peroxide. I used one called PanOxyl (bought at Guardian SS2)...I'm so happy to say the gel worked. No more pimples. :D

    I also tried Eucerine(acne prone skin line) for skin regulating cream-gel. It helps too but it caused my pores to enlarge. Stop using it liao.

    Now I'm trying out Origins. I heard it's good too.

    As for frizzy hair..guess what? I have frizzy hair too. :P The Himalayan range has helped me lot. Less frizzy now...even my friends say so. And you can try Wellaform. Very good hair gel. :)

  8. I think you're being to hard on yourself. I think you are the cats meow. Yes, I dared to say it and I'd say it again. I went there, and there is no coming back now.

    ok, heres a corny joke for you.

    there are two little potatoes sitting on the street corner. How can you tell what potato is the prostitute? The potato with the sticker Idaho

  9. to che-cheh:
    Cool... I'll check that out the next time I'm in Guardian...
    If my pimples go away and stay away then I will definately owe you big time!

    to b:
    Awwww... you're so sweet.
    Thanks for the kind words, dude...
    ... and the corny joke too!


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