Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sign Of Weakness

Oh, I am but a weak willed human being....

16 days into 2007 and I'm already showing warning signs that I am well on my way to breaking an important resolution...

Why do I say that?

Well, I'm supposed to be eating healthily now but the moment I heard that the McDonald's Prosperity Burger is back in town, I just caved in and sped over the nearest drive-in to buy it....
"J says: "One burger please.....!"

After a quick drive home, I lay my bounty upon the coffee table:
Pssst, seriously only 1 of the 2 is for me lah - I'm not THAT greedy!

... A few seconds later I started my first bite into that delightful burger:

J says: "Attaaaaaaaack........!" *CHOMP!!*

It's so good!
Tender, juicy beef... smothered in a fragrant, peppery sauce.....
(I don't really like the raw onion slices inside, but thankfully there weren't many anyway)

I know it's probably like, 600 calories just for the burger but MMMMMMmmm, it's just too tasty to resist.
(I MAY have gone back a second time on Sunday night for another burger... *shrugs guiltily*... but that doesn't make me hopeless, right?)

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  1. wahhahaha... so cute la u...

    Makes me wanting a prosperity burger also!

  2. I don't know if my last message was sent, but WOW. I am speechless, I can't believe that they named a MC Donald’s burger the Prosperity burger. hehe. that is like naming coke a cola the ninja drink, makes ordinary people into ninjas with just one sip. or beer, the Einstein juice. This is really, odd for me. I really, wow......wow....

  3. but it dose looks tastey........really tastey...........I am hypnotised............need burger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gimmie gimmie gimmie!!!!!!!! I hope they bring it out here. peppery sauce.........that is awsome.......

    "you don't need to publish my ramblings"

  4. i have da leaflet with me and each time when i look at it, i just feel like to call and order but i was told that da chicken one doesn't tastes good at all....:( i can't take beef... how? think don't care..just try it out huh.... :p

  5. Well, to make you feel better, it's only available once a year right? ;-p
    Wonder how does the chicken version tastes like...

  6. to cely:
    Haha... thanks.

    to b:
    Well, at least it's something different!

    to b (again):
    Unfortunately I think they only have it in Asia - specifically Malaysia and Singapore only.
    Come to Msia and get a bite!

    to meiyen:
    You can't eat beef because of religious reasons?
    Well, beef tastes nice but don't be so notti or maybe Kwan Yin will be angry with you....

    to mycoffee:
    I'm so fixated on the beef version that after all these years, I have never tasted the chicken one.
    (Only once a year means that I should go and eat more, right?)

  7. j, yeaps... religious reason :) anyways, i dare not to be notty... never before and will never so... i just got to accept it...


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