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Korean House

A new Korean restaurant in the SS2, PJ area....

The Dinner

Whether you choose to dine inside or in the open air section outside, the decor is simple, clean and homey... It's nice that they haven't placed the tables too close together so although the place is not very big, it doesn't feel cramped at all:
A look at Korean House.....

(FYI: It is located in the row of shop houses in the main SS2 area, just opposite all the new Wedding Shops (near the Police Station))

They have some affordable lunch sets here (about RM12++) but the main specialty here is the Korean Barbeque... They have a range of meats (chicken, pork, beef and lamb) that can range anywhere between about RM26+ to RM60++ per serving. That day we chose the Chicken (RM26++) and Spare Rib Pork (erm.. I think it was RM30++):
The Pork and the Chicken being cooked.....

The service here is pretty good as the friendly waiter will cook and serve the meat for you. Overall, the Chicken and the Pork were good as they were both very tender. The taste was possibly a little less salty then I would have liked but other than that, it was ok.

Of course, there is also a selection of side dishes served as well as a small salad(free of charge):
The array of side dishes and the salad.....

There were so many!!
(About 12 kinds, specifically)
Of course they were just the usual simple Korean side dishes like Kim Chi, Pickled Cucumbers, Fried Ikan Bilis, etc... but they all tasted really nice.

They also provided a free Steamed Egg Dish (which was quite tasteless actually but hey, it's free lah):
The free steamed egg.....

At the end of our meal, the waiter brought over some (free) Watermelon as our dessert:
The yummy Watermelon.....

Hmmm..... now that I think about it, the price of the meat dishes were not very cheap (considering the serving size) but I suppose it's ok since they give so much other stuff free on the side.

And one more thing: The restaurant boss lady is so cute!
She is really friendly, hospitable and will literally keep bowing and saying "Kamsahamnida" (that's Korean for "thank you" btw) to you all the way from your table to the door on your way out...

So, it's: Friendly service, cosy restaurant and great selection of Korean side dishes BUT prices are ok but not THAT cheap and you end up smelling like BBQ meat when you leave...

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Korean House @ SS2, PJ

Taste: 6
Ambience : 5.5
Service : 6
Price** : RM40/++
Parking: Difficult on weekdays, particularly on Monday night (pasar malam)

** Approximation - Per person, 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-7873 0031
Opening Hours: 11am - late


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  1. This is a branch from the one in Hartamas right? looks interesting, do they serve Bi Bim Bap?

  2. boo,

    I think not, the Hartamas shop has a branch in Taipan that I went recently, have yet to blog about it though. :)

  3. d gud thing bout dining at korean restaurants is dat u can get complimentary appetizers, fruits, rice n a big bottle of cold water. But i tot dat korean food is too oily n salty, dun u reckon?

  4. my other half wanna try this place long time ago but not too sure why we always end up at bangsar for korean food instead :p will check this eatery out anytime soon :D

  5. to boo_licious:
    I'm not sure if it's a branch of the Hartamas Korean place... It didn't mention it on the business card.
    Erm... what's a Bi Bim Bap??
    It sounds so cute!
    I only know kimchi and bulbogi.

    to ky:
    Hey, thanks for the info KY.
    .. and quickly update more makan places for me to drool at pleaaaase!

    to xiu long bao:
    Hmmm, yeah sometimes I also find that Korean dishes are too salty/ sour but everything at this restaurant was actually quite "ching" so it was nice...
    (Try it out and see what you think)

    to meiyen:
    I look forward to seeing your review on it.

  6. I was thinking, whenever I manage to get into Malaysia, I would definitely need you to show me a couple of restaurants to eat at. It seems like you know what you are talking about, and that you have gone to a couple. All I ask is to , just keep me away from those horney coffee shops, I don't need crazy caffeinated horney people attacking me.

  7. hi sorry i din call u while in damn busy lah! hehehe..come visit me instead!

  8. I suddenly have this craving for korean bbq beef. I blame you for this. Heheheh

  9. Hmm, very interesting indeed. However, the best Korean Restaurant is available in Ampang, just opposite Ampang Point. You'll get a load of Korean Restaurants there. Nice and affordable. I ususally do not recommend eating Korean BBQ as it is expensive. Try their soups and set instead. My favourite is Bibimbap (A kind of mix vege rice). And when they say Kamsahamnida, say back 'Cheon Man Ne Yo'

  10. to b:
    Hey,... no probs!
    You just give me and Pat a buzz when you decide to give us a visit here in Malaysia and we'll take you round for a gastronomic tour of Malaysia...

    to Wuching:
    Like, WHATEVER dude.
    (*pout* You were supposed to come to KL and belanja me!)
    Seriously though - no worries.
    I'll give you a buzz if I'm ever in Oz (and you can belanja me then)!

    to merv:
    Well, a little red meat never hurt anyone (in moderation, that is)!
    Go out and treat yourself to some yummy BBQ beef!

    to Henri:
    I've just got to try to bibimbap thing - it sounds very interesting!
    Thanks for the tips. Will look around the Ampang area the next time I get a craving for Korean food.

  11. Yar i think its the same branch as the Sri Hartamas one. Saw the ss2 one a couple of times but have yet to try it..A Korean fren of mine recommended me to one at the AMpang Hilir

  12. to tihtahpah:
    Hmmmm,... if someone Korean recommends the place then it must be really nice & authentic.
    What's the name of the Korean restaurant at Ampang Hilir?

  13. the food is tempting ! btw, can anyone recommend a halal korean eatery for us muslims ?i used to indulge at the ones in kk but since i moved to kl ive yet to find halal korean outlets..;) except those at the food courts but the taste is not up to expectations ..;)

  14. to butterbrownie:
    Hmmm,... unfortunately most of the nicer/ more authentic Korean restaurants in PJ/KL are non-Halal.
    There are 2 Halal* ones I know of which you can check out though:
    1)Haeun Khon Restaurant @ Amcorp Mall, PJ
    Casual setting, affordable prices. Not so authentic taste but it's considered good, for the price.
    (Phone no.: 03-79572181)

    2) Koryo-Won @ Star Hill, KL
    Much more expensive but supposed to taste much nicer (and definately more up-market/ classy ambience) (Warning: this one I hear from ppl only, I know the place is very classy bcos I pass by b4 but have never actually tried the food there)
    (Phone no.:03-21432189)

    *Note: No "Ditanggung Halal" sign because they serve alcohol but they definately do not serve pork.

    (PSSST... I hope this helps a bit at least)

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