Friday, January 26, 2007

No Food Today

Yes, I know I've been a little skimpy on the food related posts/ restaurant reviews this week but well.... I've been really busy.
(How to review food if I never eat out at all?)

My boss is away for a business trip and won't be back for very long.
I thought that it'd be quieter but in reality, things haven't slowed down very much at all.

Still, it's strange but when people ask me how I am (at work) my response is usually: "Stressed and tired.... but happy".

I mean, of course I wish that I was paid more for what I do!
(Who doesn't?)
It would be nice to be able to afford more nice things, maybe start a few investments and that sort of thing... but all in all, I'm satisfied.
(... on MOST days, not all days)
(There are still the days that I am so stressed out that I want to go on murderous rampages but thankfully those are fewer and farther between than before)

Anyway, I hope that you've all had a good week at work and will have a great weekend ahead.


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  1. just relax a bit ~

  2. Chill out and have a great weekend. Don't stress yrself too much abt work.

  3. if u r serious, v can go on a rampaging paragliding session in Jugra one ornot? hahaha

  4. to ~theangel~:
    I will.
    Hope you have a great and relaxing weekend too.

    to boo_licious:
    I'll try not to.
    (And I'll try my best not to strangle irritating co-workers too! Haha)

    I hope you have a great weekend too.

    to team bsg:
    Rampaging paragliding session??
    Sounds like fun!

  5. need stress liao coz weekend's here!

  6. groan... it's another week of work and pain hehe

  7. to wuching:
    Aw... btu now it's Monday again.

    to merv:
    That's the life of office minions...
    Oh well.
    Misery loves company.


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