Friday, January 05, 2007

Fantasy Race : Tortoise VS Internet

Winner : The TORTOISE!
Mr Tortoise says: "Eat my dust, Mr Internet!"

No, seriously: I really do think a cute little tortoise can move faster than the average internet speed now...

Well, it's been absolutely painful trying to upload photos for my food review posts... and the loading time for most of my usual web haunts are soooo slow....
I do hope that they are able to fix those underwater data cables quickly!

Ooh, ooh...
On a more positive note: I'm so proud of myself!
Well, yesterday morning I succeeded in waking up early, prying myself off my comfy bed and actually went for a jog around my condo compound before going to work....
"Woo hoo.....!"

Sure, I only jogged for about 15 minutes... but it's a start, right?
(In the words of P: "It's not much... but something is better than nothing lah...")

I'm trying to make it a 2 times/ week ritual and just work my way up from there.
(It's about time I started trying to work off those extra pounds that I put on in 2006 and 2005....)

Wish me luck!

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  1. whoa..not bad at all! for a start, 15 mins is more than enough! :D

  2. Jogging? Well ... good luck with that craziness!

  3. 15mins is considered good liao. Give yourself a pat on the back.

  4. to mei_yen:
    I shall continue to work harder though...
    (Erm.... or I'll try to anyway)

    to donkeyblog:
    Hey, I gotta work off the calories some how...
    ... but I'm open to suggestions, Senor Donkey.
    Any ideas?

    to che-cheh:
    Kee kee kee...
    It's 15 minutes more then I have jogged in more than 6 months!

  5. if u wanna surf website outside malaysia... try to set this proxy, it's very effective.. and fast.. but dun surf malaysia site.. then it will be slow..

    IE > TOOLs > Internet Options > Connection > LAN Settings > Proxy Server > enter this ip: port 3128, tick the bypass proxy server for local addresses...

    p/s: if u already know, then just as reminder.. hehe

    my connection seems back to normal. :)

  6. Every night I cover myself in hommus, wrap myself in cling wrap and sleep under a hot lamp ... keeps ME looking trim.

  7. to cely:
    Can't do that...
    In my company, everything is so tightly controlled by the IT Dept that I can't even defrag my computer without asking for permission!

  8. to donkeyblog:
    Sounds a little unorthodox, but hey, if it works for you then you should keep doing it!

  9. just a small jogging tip 4 u . U have to wake up early then jog then proceed to eat de best curry mee with cockles which will be sold out at 8.00am.

    So get up now, it 7 am ! or else finish liao !

  10. dear miss,

    we, the owners of the internet would like to apologize to you for the slowness of your connection. we have been too obsessed watching tortoises outrun our connection. we pledge to do something about it as soon as the tortoise crosses the nearest LAN cable.


    My net keeps on disconnecting me. SUCKS!

  11. to tonixe:
    Somehow I have this strange feeling that if I follow your (yummy) tips, I may just end up gaining weight instead of losing!

    to merv:
    Well, I hope the Great Owners Of The Internet work fast! I have an addiction to feed.....

  12. to Phyllis:
    Thanks! I'll definitely try my best.... :)


Appreciate your thoughts, opinions and feedback. :)