Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

2007 is finally here...!

... and this year is the year of the *gasp* PIG!
(It's the Year of the Fire Pig to be exact)

Hmmm, yummy pork.
Erm.... anyway, I was curious what the stars hold for me this year so I checked out a few Zodiac/ Astrology sites.
(Yes - the stuff my bf lovingly describes as "nonsensical mumbo-jumbo")
Now, apparently 2007 is not going to be such a great year for me:

An year of recovery.
While 2007 will be better than 2006, you still have many obstacles in your path. You lack enthusiasm.... If you stay disillusioned with last year and the current lack of progress, you will fail. Pull yourself together, seek advice... to regain your status.
Take the initiatives boldly, be tolerant with colleagues, follow your benefactor's suggestions, pursue your path with determination and you will see your luck evolving slowly but steadily. Competition and work pressure will pile up, but proceed as planned with total focus and concentration. Your personal skills and strengths will be put to test in hostile environments. There will be last minute hitches.... Voluntary changes will open up more doors..... If you are employee, consider career switch or job change or internal departmental transfer. But promotions could bring more severe responsibilities.
Do not get into arguments or disputes in the office. Avoid confrontation with your enemies and ignore rumours. Display the statue of the Mentor Kuan Kung in the North West for protection and timely guidance.
A good year to expand your social networking and add to your many friends.... In 2007, you are being "eyed" by certain shady, scheming characters - display the icon or genuine photo of the White Tiger, for your personal safety.

A strangled inflow of money is further depleted by unexpected and unwanted expenses.... Do not indulge in shotcuts to earn quick money - you will end up in legal problems.
Invest more on Health Insurance Policies. Stay away from speculative schemes and gambling - you hardly have any windfall luck this year. Be careful when signing documents and do not act as guarantor for anybody. Keep a set of Dragon & Phoenix Coins alongwith a set of "Four Guardian Kings" Coins with your main cash.

Worries will spoil your mental health. Relax, unwind and meditate. Seek medical help immediately if you get any of these problems : microbic and viral infections, respiratory problems, persistent cough, sinus, aching body or spinal discomfort. An elderly family member might pass away.
If you were born in 1969, have a thorough eye checkup. If you were born in 1945, you may have to undergo surgery this year. If you are a female born in 1969 or a female born in 1981, you could face gynacological problems. If you were born in February, you are prone to injuries in the limbs, tendons and bones.

Not a good year to marry. Singles should extend their courtship period patiently through to next year. Married Roosters, while being alert, should also continue to trust their spouse and ignore the gossips. Resist the temptation of unfaithfulness. If your personality is challenged by your life partner, assert your independence without domination.
To avoid pessimism and depression from disrupting marital harmony, consider shifting your home or devote fully to raising a new garden. Place a pair of Pink Mandarin Ducks in the South West of your bedroom.

(If you're interested in getting your own forecast, please click on THIS LINK... This one is for the Rooster zodiac but there's some other zodiac specific forecasts linked at the bottom of the page...)

Well,... it's just a forecast of what COULD be, I suppose....
There's really only one way to find out if it all comes true....
(Although, I must say, some of those predictions are terribly generic while others are hilariously specific....!)

PS/ Don't worry... I'll put up some food related stuff in a little while... Just be patient, ok?

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  1. O_o gynacological problems?!!!!!! oh my good, no good! :( not a good year to get married? :p lucky thing not getting married anysoon this year... :p to control $$$$ usage or else, gonna go bankcrupt huh? :( think overall, it's not a good year for roosters at all... sob sob sob sob.....

  2. to meiyen:
    Don't worry so much!
    It's funny though how specific some of the predictions are, right?
    (I mean, all us female Roosters can't get gynae problems all at the same time, right? *touch wood!*)

    to astrosurge:
    ERm.. thanks!

  3. Mine said, "you are screwed" for everything hahahahaha

  4. to merv:
    Dude... that sounds like a Horrorscope forecast already....
    Better buy some good luck charms or feng shui stuff then!


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