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Relish Life

Juicy gourmet burgers to sink your teeth into...

(Apr 09)

Another one bites the dust.
Apparently Relish is closed, torn down and replaced by an outlet of The Social.
(Which would explain why I couldn't see it anywhere on the road the last time I went to that area)

If you're looking for gourmet burgers I guess there's always the Daily Grind at Bangsar Village (which is still open, the last I checked)

Anyway, just thought that you should know.

Signing off,


The Dinner

Relish is a new healthy burger joint/ bar that has opened up in the Tengkat Tong Shin area.... It's located almost directly opposite Frangipani and has a airy, modern ambience to it:

Relish exterior and interior.....

There is even a nice private section upstairs but it's mostly for functions or if you're only having drinks:
Relish upstairs section.....

I was so greedy!
We were there at Relish at 10.30pm (AND I had already had a light dinner) but I still ordered a burger anyway....
(Hmmm, this is sorta like the upmarket yuppies' version of having a Ramli burger at the mamak for supper, I guess....)
(It's ok once in a while, but anything more than once in a blue moon will be very bad for my figure AND my wallet!)

Generally, there there is only a small range of starters, desserts and a few pasta and salad dishes on the menu... Still, since the main specialty here are the burgers, you will be spoilt for choice!

There are about 20 kinds of burgers for you to choose from (beef, chicken, lamb or even vegetarian).... You have a choice of 2 sizes (priced differently of course) - either a 6oz (medium) or a 10oz (large).

Anyway, here what I ordered, the BBQ Beef Burger - 6oz (RM22++) and a side order of Fries (RM5++):
The BBQ Beef Burger and the French Fries.....

Overall, the burger was pretty good.
The tomato relish was interesting and the cheese covered meat patty was tender and tasty. It wasn't really bursting with flavour but it did taste TONNES healthier than the normal burger you'd get from Burger King or McD's.
(Hmmm, there weren't quite as many mushrooms as I would have liked though)
The fries on the other hand were only OK - Nothing extraordinary...

If you want more stuff on your burger, go ahead and order the Aussie styled one (RM24++):
The Aussie Burger.....

Like the other burger, the meat patty was tender and tasted wholesome and healthy... The only difference is that this one has more stuff on it so if you like egg, bacon and beet root on your burger then this would be a good choice.

For dessert, there is an assortment of cakes and pies as well a few simple things like Banana Split. That night, Jo-Lyn ordered the Apple pie a la mode (RM15++):
The Apple Pie.....

When she mentioned that the Apple Pie is very heavily spiced (cinnamon mostly), I didn't try to steal a bite (seeing as I don't like cinnamon).... Overall, she said that it's yummy.

So, it's: Comfortable modern ambience, healthy (but pricier) alternative to the usual burger BUT well, nothing much except that parking can be a pain in the area...

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Relish @ Tengkat Tong Shin, KL

Taste: 7
Ambience : 7
Service : 7
Price** : RM 45/++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks

Telephone No.: 03-2145 3321
Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs- 12noon to 12midnight, Fri to Sat- 12noon to 1am


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  1. Seems to be an influx of Aussie burgers in town. The fries are not brilliant as they're not home made.

  2. goodness, making me so hungry now! do you think 2 persons can share one portion cause i afraid i can't finish one whole portion!

  3. Wowser! Check out the size of that pie!

    Just came back from UK where it seems Gourmet Burger joints are all the rage - there seems to be about three chains doing battle out there on the streets, which kinda makes me wonder how it's any different from all the other burger chains out there - at least this one is a one-off, independant pattie-flipper!

  4. that's a burger joint???!! o.O

    i'm impressed

  5. to boo_licious:
    Well, good for all of us! - now we have a wider variety of food to eat...

    to meiyen:
    I think maybe the large burger (10oz) can be shared by 2 ppl....
    ... but I don't think the medium one (6oz) is too big for one person...
    (Well, it wasn't too big for my stomach anyway... haha)

    to donkeyblog:
    Well, I suppose the gourmet joints have relatively healthier ingredients...
    ... but as usual, healthier usually means it doesn't taste quite as good as your regular artery clogging, fat filled burger.

    to merv:
    Come and try it lah!
    Then you can taste it for yourself...

  6. hmm cant wait to pop by there. i just came by from pat's place and i'm waiting for your sticky fingers review haha... errr did you go?

  7. to babe_kl:
    Oh please do!
    (I look forward to seeing your review on it)

    I didn't go to Sticky Fingers with Pat and the others...
    (Had previous commitments)
    I'm not sure if one of them will do a review but just off hand, Pat said that it wasn't nice and he's usually less fussy than me so that's definately a bad sign....

  8. thanks J!! looks like i dun have to bother returning there just to be fair to them haha... can save the marnee and go relish instead!

  9. The place looks nice n the apple pie looks really good, very big slice!!

  10. to babe_kl:
    Power to the people!... and Yay for consumer rights!

    Anyway, it's always nice to try out new places, isn't it?

    to honey star:
    Yeah... it's really big and has lots of chunky apple pieces inside!
    (The only downside is that it costs RM15++.... so it's not really that cheap)

  11. Hiya!

    I recently paid a visit to Relish after reading your review on the restaurant. Just to let you know tt its technically on Changkat Bkt Bintang. Oh yes they also recently opened a branch in Bangsar Baru, in the Brabus car showroom across the road from Bangsar Village.

    Anyway just thought I'd give you my two cents worth on what my perceptions of the place. My friend and i shared a teriyaki chicken burger with wasabi mayo. it didn't really taste like teriyaki to be honest but the mayo did give it some flavour.

    If you didn't try the wedges the last time, i strongly recommend them. they're really delicious, and even more so as they were still piping hot when they got to our table. The restaurateur claims they're made on the premises by his cook. the portion was sizeable and easily shared between 2. However what does raise suspicions is that they are strangely reminiscent of those in Cafe Delicious. Deja vu, anyone?

    We were in luck that night, as they did have some chocolate ganache. It was indescribably yummy, one could taste the richness the chocolate gave the filling. The so-called 'fumes' that emnated from the dessert were intoxicating, to say the least. Fellow chocoholics would definitely appreciate this.

    Unfortunately did not have a camera with me that night, hence the severe lack of pictures.

    About parking - I suppose one could park in one of the open carparks along Changkat Ceylon and walk down the road to the restaurant which should only take 5 mins or so :) OR as most Malaysians would do - double-park outside the restaurant :P

  12. to Selina:
    Thanks for the tip on the wedges - will try them next time... and the chocolate ganache too!
    (Oh sheet - it's technically on Changkat BB? Well, that's pretty much the same road/area anyway)

    Oh, and I hope you enjoyed the food/ experience there (sounds like you did but I don't want to assume). If you didn't then maybe you won't trust my reviews so much anymore!

  13. actually i found your reviews rather helpful - different perspective to what's usually in newspapers and magazines.

    yeah i definitely enjoyed the food in relish, it hit the spot after a long day at work!

    btw one caveat - if you ever consider having a dinner party in a restaurant, i dont think relish is a good place. firstly, the guy in charge seemed to come across as super efficient and on the ball but it took him 3 days to email me a quote for dining cost per pax when he told me he'd sent it to me within 24 hours. that's service for you. secondly, when he did send me the quote, it was double of what he quoted and what we expected, had to ring him to get the cost break down to see what was inflating the numbers. turns out he stuck in some cocktails and sangria. go figure (not everyone likes wine and therefore not everyone will appreciate sangria! -_-" ) thirdly, their kitchen is pretty small too so dont reckon they would be able to cope with a large influx of orders.

    so there you go. that was my experience with relish management on trying to arrange a dinner party with them. basically could not trust them enough in the end to not pull some funny stunt(s) on the night itself so settled for a safe bet, Italiannies in The Curve. They handled the orders pretty well for a group of 20 :)

  14. to selina:
    Of course my point of view is different from the mags/ newspapers - I have to pay for all this food with my own money!
    Seriously though, thanks.
    Nice to know that my 2 cents is worthy in your eyes.
    (Shall heed your warning about big dinners at Relish... oh, but maybe they were just having a bad day? Italiannies has disappointed me b4 actually - just 3 of us and they forgot some of our orders. I still like the food there though but now my expectations on service are much lower)

  15. I have also learnt to lower expectations on service in malaysian restaurants. its most probably suboptimal due to the fact that they have such a high staff turnover rate.

    also latest i heard from someone - that the Relish in Bangsar aint so good.

    sorry if i come across as a bit of a burger fiend, its been a while since i last had a gd burger!

  16. to selina:
    Burger fiend?
    No worries - Everyone has a favourite!

    I love a good burger myself and yeah, it's difficult to find a really good one so if you find a good place, do point it out, k?
    (And I'll try to do the same)

  17. Hmm. Really feel want to taste it. Will try it out at Relish this weekend.

  18. to John Khoo:
    Uh oh. I've heard that Relish has closed down... :(

    Apparently it's been replaced by an outlet of The Social....

    Well,.. if you feel like gourmet burgers, there's still Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village.


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