Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Night At The Beach

An adorably rustic seafood restaurant in the PJ area....

The Dinner

My darling mum heard a her friend rave about this great new seafood restaurant in PJ so of course, we just had to go and try it out. Pantai Seafood, which is owned by Unique Seafood, is situated deep in the SS23 area (go to bottom of this post for a map).

The restaurant is rustic but comfortable, with mostly wooden surfaces and simple decorations... You have a few choices of seating areas: the upper deck and lower deck (air conditioned) or the main indoor and outdoor area (open air):

Pantai interior.....
A look at Pantai Seafood.....

While waiting for your food, you can check out the many live fishies and other sea creatures in their tanks, waiting to be eaten:

The Potential Victims.....

There is a really wide array of seafood to choose from!
You can have anything from super expensive Alaskan Snow Crabs and Abalone to the not as pricey Tiger Prawns and Snappers. There is also a good selection of non-seafood items like Venison and Pork (their specialty is the Crispy Pork Knuckles) and Noodle dishes....

That night, we started off with the Vegetables in Superior Soup and the Venison with Ginger and Spring Onions:
The Vegetables in Superior Stock and the Venison.....

Yummy yummy.
The Vegetables were fragrant and soft, yet not too mushy, in the flavourful soup base. The Venison was also good - tender and tasty.
(Both are worth a try)

Moving on to some seafood, we had the Tiger Prawns with Salted Eggs, Nyonya Style Fish and "La-la" in Wine Soup:

Clockwise from top: The "La-La", Salted Egg Prawns and the Nyonya Fish.....

The Salted Egg Prawns were good! They were crunchy and fragrant, coated with a healthy coat of yummy salted egg. The prawns also tasted very fresh which is great.

The Nyonya Fish though was a bit of a borderline case, for me. The fish was fresh, and the sauce was delicious - spicy with a slight sour zing.... Unfortunately, the sauce was also SO spicy that we all began to lose all sensation in our tongues after about 2 bites....
(Ouch... )
(And mind you, I actually really like spicy food)

Sadly, the "La-La" were outrightly a total disappointment.... The soup was rather bland and the "La-La" (strangely) didn't taste very fresh.

Anyway, if you're wondering how to get there, here's a map:

Note: The restaurant became super packed around 7.30pm (on the night that I was there) so please book ahead of time to be safe or make sure you arrive early.

So it's: Cute, rustic ambience, wide range of seafood and non-seafood dishes and affordable prices BUT some hits & misses on the menu, so-so service (waiters too busy?) and dark holey parking lot (but it's free).

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Pantai Seafood @ SS23, PJ

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 5
Price** : RM25/++ Per Person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - "sharing" style Chinese meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-7725 5099/ 1099
Opening Hours: 11.45am - 2.30pm, 6pm to 11pm


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  1. Hehe, this place isn't new..nor is it worth raving about.

    Slightly overpriced and definitely over-hyped.

    There are far better places, which aren't so packed :D

  2. So far I have not found someone who is truly satisfied with da place, then da name ?

    shud have just called it Damansara Seafood yes ? hahaha

  3. oh.. this place.. i know where..

    my auntie won toto before then belanja us eat there.. hahaha

    ok ok ler :)

    dunno why so crowded there...

  4. u didn't try da supa expensive crabs?? i am still hoping to eat it one fine day...perhaps, in my dreams! :p

  5. to shaolintiger:
    Well, it's ok lah.
    I find the ambience cute and the prices seem ok.
    ... but yeah - overall, the food ain't that great.
    (Now I know that recommendations from my mum's friends are not so reliable)

    to bsglutton:
    But it's so packed though!
    I suppose it's because some of the dishes there (like the salted egg prawns) are nice...
    It's sad that some of the others are yucky though...

    to cely:
    In any case, if ppl are belanja-ing you then you can't complain so much, right?

    to meiyen:
    Why didn't I eat it?
    Simple: Not enough money!
    We will both dream together lah then...

  6. to wuching:
    Click on it, old man!
    Then, a bigger map will magically appear....
    (Haha.... )

  7. beeeeefff

    That being said, I'm no fan of seafood so I'll probably never try this haha

  8. to merv:
    You'd better watch those arteries, dude....
    (Yay! 1 less person in the world to fight for yummy prawns, squid and fishies with me at buffets!)

  9. hey..the place is overrated and way too pricey i think. But it's cheaper than the one at Section 13

  10. to tihtahpah:
    Yeah, I hear that the Section 13 outlet is pretty pricey..
    (Haven't tried it out yet tho)

    Still, I suppose the seafood is fresh... It's just a pity that some of the dishes aren't that nice though.

  11. i went to the pantai seafood here today, as 1 of my friend recommend that the food there is nice

    i can just say that the food there sux, and i wont go back there again, never

    we order a fish, which the waiter says that is their "jiu pai choi"
    its fried, with butter on top it .
    the fish is not fresh, and its too difficult to eat, really really sux

    the pork hand there sux too

    to be honest, the vege we order is (what kai lan with kai lan??? ), the crab (sweet and sour sos)and the prawn (the prawn is very fresh :D ) is nice

    we do order another desert, tong yun with black seaseme in, it cost RM43 for us (we have 11ppl) and it seriously not worth it
    the tong yun itself is ok, but the soup sux hell
    besides, it takes more than 20minutes for the desert to be serve
    the waiter already clear the table, take out the bowl and spoon, and yet we still have to wait for more than 20minutes

    the service here is crap
    especialy the waiter who serve us

    before we finish our meal, i noticed that mayb we shud change our desert to another type, when ask him, he simply say we order already, so cant change, as they already preparing it
    so ok, nvm.
    but after we finish our meal, we still have to wait for so damed long for the desert to be served, and yet he still dare to say they already prepare it when we still haven finish eating!!!
    when ask him why so long, he say that they cook for others also cant make on time already

    and never say sorry at all

    in the end, it cost us rm538 for 11ppl, totaly not worth it in my opnion

  12. to sam:
    Yeah - Pantai Seafood isn't that great but luckily the service&food wasn't THAT bad on the night I went there....
    It's a real pity that you had such a bad experience there though....
    ... but I guess it's a very good sign that quality there is totally inconsistent!

  13. We went there for lunch, ordered salt egg prawn - prawn fresh but the salted egg too sweet. Then came our baked oyster with cheese - overcooked and using cheddar slices, its the wrong cheese. Venison was good, vege was shitty, overcooked and no taste. I recommend to get your taste buds back, go to Maju Palace at Maju Junction. That cook there will put back the sanity and passion to your tastebuds. Go order the 'ham tan ha', cod slices with orange sauce and admire the beauty of presentation and taste.

  14. to anonymous:
    Welcome to the growing number of people who will probably never go back to Pantai Seafood again!
    Maju Palace sounds interesting.
    Used to work nearby there a few years ago but have never tried it bcos a bit too pricey for lowly office minion like me.
    (Will try to go there soon though - it sounds good!)

  15. It is a bit pricey , but good! Go there on special occasions . Another place thats good and very easy on the old wallet is 'Tak Fok' over at Desa Aman Puri ,kepong for delicious 'Salt egg crab'.(Rm 20 per kg). tau foo with minced meat . All the stuff there is good . Go at lunch time to miss the crowds. We do mean CROWDS on most evenings and oh forget weekends if you don't want people hovering over your table before you pay your bill.
    Enjoy the simple food cooked just right.


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