Monday, November 27, 2006

Materialistic Musings

What is right and what is wrong?

Me and a girl friend were having a idle chit chat over food one day when the topic (as usual) eventually strayed to men and relationships and all the things that go along with that.

Mostly, we wondered:
What is so wrong with wanting to be swept off our feet by someone who is rich (and treats us well) so that we don't have to suffer the indignations of the bloody corporate world?
(Our friend N who was there kept chirping: "Bimbos!.. *gasp*.. Such bimbotic thinking!" and pointing accusingly at us)


Seriously, all you feminists out there, pick your jaws off the floor and stop staring accusingly at me.... That goes for all you guys out there who are judging me.

Women really do have it hard nowadays.

Back then (in almost all parts of the world), there was so much oppression - females had no choice but to sit at home, cook, clean and breed... It was not necessarily a happy life but was definately a simple one.
(No choice at all mah: it doesn't get any simpler than that........)

Now, there is (for the most part) PLENTY of choice.
In fact, not only are you empowered to go out there and juggle being in half a dozen roles, you are pretty much EXPECTED to. I think women are just being stretched waaaaaay too thin.

YOU try being a good:
  • employee/ boss/ colleague/ friend/ wife/ mother/ sister/ daughter/ valuable member of society at the same time,

.... while being expected to balance the right amount of:

  • assertiveness/ feminity/ open-mindedness/ modesty/ etc

... AND know how to cook well too.

It's friggin' INSANE, in fact.

Mind you, I'm not saying that men have it very easy...
... but let's be fair:
If in some way, it is ok for men to want to marry pretty girls then in the same way, it is ok for women to want to be swept off their feet by knights in shining armour...
(ie. rich & nice men - however rare they may be).

Of course, I'm definately not endorsing extreme support into such thinking: I really do think it is better for women to be self reliant (i.e. earn their own money, etc) but on some days, when I am really weary from work, fantasies of "the good life" (private islands, flash cars, limitless credit cards, bling-bling, Swiss bank accounts overflowing with cash, swanky mansions, etc.) DO cross my mind.

So, sorry for setting back feminism about 300 years but that's just the honest truth.
I am human - I am weak.
(... and I'm obviously very gripey today)
(Hey, you try going through "Hey, SURPRISEeeee!" type power outages 2 3 times in a row and see whether your mood is good or not)

(BWARGH!!! - Curse you TNB......... *growl*)

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  1. start singing material girl by madonna liao! hehe

  2. >What is so wrong with wanting to be swept off our feet by someone who is rich...

    Absolutely nothing except the fact that there aren't many of them out there to begin with hehehehhe =P

  3. Actually this post touched a nerve in me, because I went out with a girl who thought just like that. She was quite honest and explicit about it.

    On one hand - yes, I can take care of you financially.

    On the other hand - if I'm the breadwinner, then you bloody well throw away all your "feminist", princess, merajuk posturings. Don't give me grief and don't give me crap if I have to face the stress of earning money instead of you facing the stress.

    I'm the man of the house. You listen to what I say. You will be supportive and criticize for no bloody reason!

    Otherwise, I freakin pay for all your expensive meals, clothes and shopping for what?! I might as well pay for the hottest girl I can find.

    There will be always someone hotter, more seductive, with a better body and better at treating men than you are.

    So if you are expecting me to be in the "bloody corporate world" instead of you, then you better treat me a whole lot nicer, you biatch!!!...

    Oops, sorry. That was directed at the girl I just dumped over the phone.

    Hmmmmpph. Feminism and materialism. Screwing up the gender dynamics.

  4. BTW I offer another view point though: you either pay by being a good wife, a good mother and a GREAT lover; or you at least work in a job that you like. There's no free lunch. One has to ask: what do you have to offer a guy that he would spend millions (over your lifetime)?

  5. to wuching:
    Well, we are living in a material world, after all...

    to Merv:
    Well, there are quite a number of rich men out there methinks...
    ... just not many unmarried, nice ones lah.
    (As far as I know anyway)

    to anonymous:
    (You sound upset.... Hope you are feeling better - breaking up always sucks)
    Well, at least your (ex-)gf was honest with you....

    Perhaps there's nothing wrong with how she (and I) thinks? - It just sounds like the problem is that she didn't appreciate whatever you did for her.

    (Whether or not you were paying for all her stuff, if she didn't appreciate you as a human being/bf/lover/etc then it will always be a problem, don't you think?)

    Oh... and about the "paying by being a good wife, a good mother and a GREAT lover", I agree with you somewhat - I kinda think that a woman should do that no matter what, whether hubby has $$$ or not...
    .... but of course it would be great if hubby has lots of $$$ and is good to her lah.

  6. Money is not everything, nor can it buy everything but it sure buys a lot of things. And right now, I wish I had more of it.

  7. to adam:
    Me too! Me too!
    Money is very useful indeed, in almost all areas in life - whether in buying Nasi Lemak or clothes or cars or houses.

    (... but yes, it's true: It's not everything... )

  8. i would say that there's no right or wrong as long as both can tolerate well with each other and knowing what your partner wants and vice versa.. no doubt that money is not everything but we are all humans, we need $$$$ to survive, agree? ;)

  9. to meiyen:
    Totally agree!

  10. I think it is prefectly normal to want to find that. I mean, I wana find a hot, rich, girl, myself, in some type of armor. yeah, well, the armor, ins't that nessecary.

    now that girls are starting to get more into the working field, we can be the stay home guy. yippie!

  11. to b:
    Erm, leather or chainmail?

    Well, best of luck in your search anyway....
    (I'm sure there's some lucky girl out there who's just waiting to make an honest man outta you...)

  12. I'm lucky, I let a young lady sweep me off my feet and keep me in a manner to which I rapidly became accustomed - a fridge full of beer and chocolate, and great food every night of the week *mighty grins* and *high fives*.

    Call me a himbo if you want, but I'm raising a cold one - Here's to the jackpot *che-chink*

  13. to donkeyblog:
    Well, cheers to you mate - you're a lucky man indeed.
    (I wouldn't mind the fridge full of beer and chocolate myself - sounds pretty good in fact!)

    I do hope that you are refering to Mrs Donkey though...


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