Monday, November 13, 2006

Bloggers' Party!

Hear ye, hear ye....

There will be a fun-filled Bloggers' Party coming up soon, organised by Wingz of Rojaks Daily and his fellow commitee members:

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The details are still a little sketchy, but so far, it is said that they have set the date as Saturday, 30th Dec 2006 and it will be held in the Federal Hotel in KL.
(Exact details will be announced later)

Those interested, block your calenders and scoot on over to Rojaks Daily to leave a comment....



Party : Together Gather 2006
The official website: CLICK HERE

Venue : Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date : 30th December 2006
Time : 5.00 pm until 11.00pm (or kena halau by DBKL)

Ticket Price : RM100
Promotion : Free 1 ticket for every 10 tickets purchased
(availability is based on first come first serve basis)


(Plug complete)

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  1. imagine all the hits rojaks must be getting... the entire blogosphere is linking to them

  2. I just wanted to tell you, that you are the best blogger.

    besides me :D

  3. tenkiu for the plug! the party is organised by a few bloggers not solely by me wan :)

    party blog is here :

  4. to boss stewie:
    Well,... they are putting the effort to arrange a big, fun event so must link lorr.
    (Hmmm,.. yeah, probably they have hundreds and thousands of hits now)

    to b:
    Awwww... you just now what to say to brighten up my Monday.

    (Even though you only rank me as 2nd)

    to wingz:
    No probs...
    Will add in the new link/ info...

  5. i wanna go too! but i'm not in kl.. :(

  6. wow, RM100!

    would love to join in this sorta events but sadly I'm across the South China Sea... :(

  7. to anonymous:
    Awwwww... how far away are you?

    to laksa:
    Well,... you can organise one on for East Malaysia!
    There are plenty of bloggers just in the Sarawak area, I think...

    to meiyen:
    I haven't really decided yet...
    Am tempted to but at the same time, I feel shy lerr...
    What about you?

  8. *I*, will not be able to make it. Pooo =(

  9. to merv
    Then it's not going to be much of a party now, is it?

  10. j, i am unsure too... :p shy oso... ekekekeke...

  11. to meiyen:
    Haha.. we are in the same boat then.
    But tell me if you are going, ok?
    Then maybe i will go too!


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