Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fast To Cook, Good To Eat!

A shout out to my favourite home made dish..... Maggi Mee Assam Laksa!:
*sluuuurp* Yummy....

It's funny but after all this time, I still like it so much....

I used to eat it plain with nothing else added.
After a while, an added egg was a must,...
Soon after, a dash of lime was essential too,...

Now, when I have all that and a can of tuna cooked with it: BLISS!
(My favourite food on a cold, rainy day)

What's your favourite flavour/ way to cook it?

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  1. i like the curry flavour with an egg......mmmm..*drools*

  2. Recently I bought Maggie Kari Mee being offered by a local supermarket in Hong Kong..Park N Shop. Taste yuk!!!! The noodle quality is real poor.. no wonder the price dropped to only HK$3.90 for a pack of 5 (from HK$6.90). No demand here for Maggie Kari or Assam Laksa here!!

  3. to bonnie:
    Sounds interesting...
    ... but I don't think I would ever bring myself to do that - the soup's the best part!

    to Wuching:
    Haven't had that for quite long... maybe should try it soon.

    to pns:
    What a waste!
    Well, even the best food on earth will not taste so good at the end of their shelf life...

    No demand then what to do?
    Maybe the taste just doesn't suit Hongkies...

  4. My fave is the Mamee cup type tomyam in Gentings 4 3 ringgit. heavenly after de scary cold drop.

  5. to tonixe:
    Maggi Hot Cup Tom Yam is nicer.....!

    to hungryox:
    Everything in moderation is ok...

    MSG makes things taste better!
    (If you don't like then I think Maggi has an MSG free range for the Hot Bowls ... It just doesn't taste the same though)

  6. mine is tuna fried rice with sunny side up egg..bliss@

  7. My ranking...hahaha
    1. Maggie curry + egg
    2. Mi-Poh + egg
    3. Thailand's tom yam/pork/duck flavours mee + egg

    Egg is a must la.

  8. to nadia:
    Mmmm, yum...
    That sounds good!

    to che-cheh:
    Waaaah.... there's a ranking??
    (Mmmmm,... I love those Thai brands too - so spicy but yummy!)

  9. wahhh...
    Looks nyums lehz.. I oso like asam laksa flavour... wah... Tuna ... v fishy... lolx :P

    tuna w fried rice? ermmm... wokay...

    Another recipe I use tuna is canned cream of mushroom, add button mushroom + tuna, serve w pasta. Super yummmmmmmmmmsss!!!!!

    wah! *salivating liao....*

  10. look yummy... ahhaha..

  11. to pam:
    Assam laksa should be fishy - that's what adds the kick!
    Mmm.... your tuna pasta sounds good too!

    to cely:
    Like I said, it's my favourite thing that I can cook at home quickly.

  12. of all the flavours this is my fave! usually i dun use too much water hence the broth is thick and sourish yumyum, pssstt sometimes i add one tbsp of tomyam paste too. i find dat adding egg in this will spoil the soup lah.

  13. to babe_kl:
    Sounds yummy!
    It's wonderful how everyone has their own special way of preparing it, don't you think?
    (Tom yam paste? AHA! - you have given away your secret recipe! I will copy it soon! Muahaha)

  14. I used to steal these off of albert all the time. the're yummy

  15. to b:
    Ok... and didn't Albert mind at all?


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