Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

I want to go home.....
... but this bloody thunderstorm is keeping me hostage in my office...
*violent lightning in the background*


(I am such a wimp... *sigh*)
I don't know about you but lightning has always frightened me, ever since I was a little girl... Just the thought of somehow getting struck by a random stream of thousands and thousands of volts from the sky just freaks me out.

*MORE violent lightning in the background*

I hope it ends soon....

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  1. Aiyoo don't be scare ya.

    Hope you get home safe and sound.

  2. I wanna get struck by lightning. that way, I get to have suparpowers. Woot!

  3. According to the National Geographic, the safest place to be when lightning strikes, is, believe it or not, in a car!

  4. to che-cheh:
    Can't help it - I'm a wimp when it comes to lightning and cockroaches....

    Anyway, I managed to get back in one piece - thanks!

    to merv:
    Shall I give you a lightning rod for Xmas so that you can fulfill your dream of becoming Merv "ElectroFrizz Man" Kwok?

    to gallivanter:
    ... but what about the perilous journey TO the car?

  5. i was running in the rain... ! :(
    does not matter if i got umbrella or not.. still wet...

    sien.. missed my train somemore.. got home 30mins later than usual...
    sien sien sien......

    dowan to sit in office and wait.. coz here... macam haunted la.. no ppl around, very dead environment.

  6. to cely:
    You poor thing!
    I hope you didn't fall sick after that or anything like that....


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