Monday, November 20, 2006

Get Off Your Lazy @rse!

Friends and general public sez: "Hey J the Chocoholic, I thought this was supposed to be mainly a food/ restaurant review site? No relevant updates for so long already! What's happening??"

J sez: "Erm.... My main source of food over the last few weeks has been Maggi Mee (Tom Yum Hot Cup), Campbell's (Minestrone Soup) and Nescafe lahhh.... So how?"

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA poor little a shortage of menu's in heaven i doors are wide open where my kitchen flows with lots of milk & honey.

    think twice before you come over or your soul is mine all mine....chill yah

  2. aiyoyoyo.......what happened? been really busy with works huh? poor thing.... *hugz*

  3. Between us both, I kinda like it when you post things other than restaurant reviews =P I mean, I can understand better since I'm clueless about restaurants and stuff haha

  4. That is luxury food too. ;)

  5. to lucifer:
    Honored by the invitation but will take your word of warning to heart, Mr Lightbringer...
    (Only one soul so shall try to hold on to it for a while longer...)

    to meiyen:
    Ya loh....
    It's sorta the busy period now before the year end...

    to wuching:
    Well, me too lah!
    I'm an avid fan of the Assam Laksa flavour - just can't get over it!
    (It's just that I can't start reviewing this stuff, right?)
    (Hmmm,... or can I?)

    to che-cheh:
    Yeah - it's all relative, isn't it?

  6. to merv:
    One happy customer!
    Yay for me!
    (Oh, and yay for you too...)


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