Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kena Bambu

Just received a long session of "advice" by my darling bf.
Apparently, I was behaving like a total airhead by posting up my photos online for all the psychos in the world to see.
(I "should have known better and asked him first")

In any case, I have taken down the photos already.

(to bf)
(to the world)
(and to the psychos)

Obviously, I was "being vain", "desperately seeking attention", "acting young" and "not thinking of my safety".

(Sense any sarcasm?)
(Nooooo.... of course not, right?)

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  1. HA ? why why why why why????
    why like that?

    so, i am the so called attention seeker?

    Off coz.. i know u dun mean that way...
    just teasing u :p

    anyway.. i was lucky enough to take a peek b4 u take them down

  2. wey many psycho men are good 1 u no

    Quickly repost your cute photo, 1 2 share with my kakis

  3. but.. what's wrong with just posting pictures of urself and friends/family

  4. to cely:
    Yeah lah, it was like a magic show, wasn't it?: Now you see it, and now you don't!

    to meiyen:
    Yeah loh.

    to tonixe:
    Thanks for comforting me.
    (sorry, no can do though... no more photos of J - ever)

    to boss stewie:
    I guess for girls, it MAY attract the wrong kind of attention, especially on the internet...
    I know my bf means well (I can see his side of the argument) but I just don't respond very well to nagging.

  5. wow, what exactly is your boyfriend so afraid of?
    seriously, its YOUR photos and YOUR blog and its something so trivial my god.
    why do u let him dictate u?

  6. aiya, nothing wrong with a little camwhoring every now and then..but if u have to listen to ur bf then so be it..

  7. to the anonymous person:
    Sorry I deleted your comment.
    I try to keep the comment boxes free of naughty words....

  8. to nadia:
    He is afraid of the twisted madmen that roam the anonymous, hidden world called the Internet who prowl around for their next prey.

    Apparently he thinks that his girlfriend is super hot enough to actually garner such attention from these perverts.

    Dunno lah.
    I am too stressed out at work to try to rationalise with him. I will speak to him further after he calms down but for now, it is pointless.

    to Wuching:
    Am not spineless female type.

    A little give and take never hurts anyone though, I suppose.

  9. Your bf has a good point. I kena-d once. Since then, I took down my pics tho any idiot can easily find them still thanks to google cache haha

  10. to merv:
    Yeah but he still shouldn't have called me "desperate".

  11. ooops...

    this is one discussion i'm not getting involved in. spousal spats are meant for...spouses!

    anyway, whatever your decision is, i respect them.

  12. ...and while you're at it, think about all the poor deserts, noodle dishes and entres whose identities you so freely post without any regard for their honour.

    Those poor dark chocolate mousses, sauted mushrooms, hokkien mees and fillet mignons who must endure dirty, grubby young men, sitting in dark rooms in front of their PCs, drooling all over them.

    Show some consideration, will ya! ;)

  13. to laksa:
    Spats happen.

    (That's a wise move though)

    to donkeyblog:
    Oh, how you have enlightened me on my grievious sins!

    I shall have to repent.


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