Thursday, November 23, 2006

Resolutions Revisited

So, after about 326 days, how have I measured up?

-----------------BEGIN Last Year's Resolutions-----------------

1) Cut down on fattening things like chocolate.
(This one holds the record of "Resolution Broken Most Often" for about 10 years running now but I just KNOW I'll achieve it this year! I think....)
Erm.... SKIP!

2) Exercise more.
(Hmmmmm....this one's probably first runner up for the"Resolution Broken Most Often" record)
Aiyoh.... Skip this one too!

3) Read more stuff that feeds my brain.
Well, I suppose I did read the newspaper more this year...

4) Keep on blogging.
(New entry!)
YAY! One more successful resolution

5) Spend less money on frivolous things like clothes and shoes and bags.
*whispers* ... skip ... *blush*

6) Research and start my own business by end 2006/ start 2007.
(Another new entry!)

-----------------END Last Year's Resolutions----------------------------------

2 out of 6 is not THAT bad, is it?
(Honestly though, it's a "FAIL!", right??)

I only have a bit of time left to try to complete this list more successfully....

How lah?

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  1. never set too high ur goals!

  2. heheheh!!!!

    Well, i think my reso oso no good outcome..sure fail one,

    but year end will compile a list of my Top 10 fave places to makan.. kekkekek!!!

  3. my dear, resolutions are made to be broken. not kept! lol

  4. He he, I do love the way your exclamaitions are always so visual and audible - it's an awesome skill; makes me laugh.

  5. to wuching:
    Maybe next year I just aim to lose 1 kg - that sounds achieveable.

    to pam:
    Well, that sounds like fun.

    to merv kwok:
    So how many have you broken this year?

    to donkeyblog:
    I try my best to please...
    ... and YAY, I've succeeded!
    (Thanks for the compliment...)


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