Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rest Stop

Oh thank you the Gods above and below: FINALLY the weekend is here....

It's been a crazy week and a half a work...
(Hence the total lack of updates)
... but hopefully I can catch my breath in these 2 days before jumping back into the deep end on Monday.

Didn't get to sleep very well last night though...
Had this horrid nightmare with a "Sadako"-like ghost girl/ monster thingy but with loooooong white hair instead of black....

The feeling of that hair touching my face - EEK.

Yes, yes, I know it was just a dream but hey, when you are dreaming you wouldn't know that it's not real, right?

I guess my problems is that my nightmares, although rare, can get pretty vivid.
I remember when I was young my mum said that I started crying and talking in my sleep....
.... Of course, I had no recollection of actually doing this when I woke up so we'll all just have to take her word for it lah.
(Hmmmm, I think that was the night that I dreamt that I was being chased by a green monster in one of those mazes made of plants.... Freaky! The feeling of eyes on you, a soft sound in the background, a shadow of a movement but you can't see anything there because it's so well camouflaged.....)

Anyone had any really freaky nightmares too?

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  1. I don't "remember" dreaming much at all. but I had your green monster dream, maybe he came after you, when I out ran him, and he ate my family.

    oh, this on you might like. I had a dream, where my city turned into zombies, and I was getting chased. they didn't run that fast but when you are terrified, you don't tend to think quickly. so, the good part is me and albert where getting chased, and he tells me to look at something, and when I move my head he pushes me into a group of zombies and runs away. luckily, I got away and caught up to albert then tripped him. he sadly was zombie food, then became zombie doo doo.

    I hope you don't have anymore nightmares.

    p.s. don't trust albert in dreams. he's tricky.

  2. I think u need a small break to unmiss your fabulous holidays to @NZ, like Goh Tong's cable cars 4 eg !

  3. to b:
    Yes, that Al is a wiley one indeed!
    (EEeee.. me no likey zombies!)

    to tonixe:
    That sounds good actually...
    Hmmm,.. maybe next weekend.

  4. i have a variety of nightmares lol

    one which i can rmb the most was when i was home alone. i was sleeping 1/2way when i find it hard to breathe? so i want to reach for the light.. but i was like "weak/numb" cant move... then i woke up, as i try to reach for the light, i realised I was in the condition as before... I realised that I was still in my dream. So what happened was that instead of going to the same routine, I opted to reach for the other light, and when woke up, I was almost breathless..

    its weird but when I dream, I know I am dreaming .... freaky for myself. that night i leave the light on till morning :P

  5. to joo yee:
    Oh, that sounds scary!

    Almost like one of those "haunting" stories...

  6. Eeks! Sadako nightmare! Man that must've been horrible! =(

  7. oh yes j, da last nightmare i had was such a tragic! i dream that i was being kidnapped but i did managed to run away from da kidnappers and i bumped into my old friend and she then informed my other half to come and save me! Horibble :( Thank god it was just a dream....

  8. to merv:
    It was...

    to meiyen:
    Hmmm.. at least there were no monsters/ ghost, right?...

  9. I have dreams of ghosts all the time. The scary part is I try to yell at them, often to tell the to f'off or something, but the problem is, when I'm asleep, I can't articulate the words ... so I scream out some distressed nonsense - it makes Mrs Donkey's fur stand on end, she says.

    How's that for ya?

  10. to donkeyblog:
    Oh,... poor Mrs Donkey!
    Well, she can't really blame you either, right? - I mean, you're asleep, so you didn't REALLY mean to scare her....


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