Monday, November 06, 2006

... A Friend Indeed

Dear friends,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your concern.
As you know, I haven't been in the greatest of moods over the last few days...

Before you say how silly it is for me to argue with my bf over some blog entry and stay angry for so long, let me say: That was definately not the root of the problem... It was more like the effect, not the cause....

No couple is perfect: Both him and I are definately human - with our own little idiosyncrasies. We will just have to work it out, in out own time....
... but for all of you who cared enough to drop me messages/ hugs/ etc, thankyouthankyouthankyou...

It's funny, isn't it?

Some of us have never met in real life but your personalities and sincerity (whether tinged with sarcastic humour or not - you know who you are) comes through so clearly that I can't help but to feel touched.
(That's the great thing about the Internet - it challenges the traditional definitions of friendship, I think)

Once again, thanks...

Enough soppiness now.

Back to the food stuff...
*cough-cough-quickly wipes away tear*


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  1. O_o :( i am sad to hear that.. hope that things will be back to normal for you and your darling asap yeah...whatever that cause da arguments, i am sure he didn't mean it and i am pretty sure he love u lots... *hugz* don't keep it in your heart yeah and hope that cloudy days will soon be over for you.. let's hope for a bright and sunny days for you k....

  2. girl...

    always here for u..

    Yes, must talk about it. :)
    i mean u and ur bf

    hope to see the cheerful u again
    very soon~ i hope

  3. Agree, communications is very important, slowly, be calm, be patient, i m sure both of u will be fine very soon ^^

  4. Doesn’t your bf know that he is genetically wrong? Woman right. man wrong. It is simple.

    Tell him, if he wants to win an argument, he needs a wig, and some plastic surgery.

  5. to meiyen:
    Well,... we have a few things to work out but if there are no hardships then maybe we won't appreciate each other so much?
    Hope so anyway.

    to cely:
    Awwww... thanks!
    (If your bf try to bully you, I will also definately support you/ cheer for you!)
    Anyway, I'm feeling much better already....

    to 为食喵:
    Yeah, I hope so too... Couples that don't communicate to each other properly are generally not successful....
    It's something that has to be worked on though, I guess...

    Since everyone is different: No matter how much you love each other, there will always be difference in opinion/ thinking/ etc that has to be worked out, right?

  6. Umm... I missed a lot while I was away didn't I? Hugs to you J. Hope everythings alright :)

  7. to merv:
    It's ok - you getting the R&R you deserved... sipping on pina coladas and such.
    (I am feeling much better already though, thanks for asking *hugs*)

    to b:
    But if he does that (the surgery + wig) then he wouldn't be my boyfriend anymore and I would have to be a lesbian!

  8. j, there's no such thing as a perfect relationship and trust me, having arguements doesn't mean is bad.. to have no arguements at all, real bad cause you won't know what's in your partner's mind.....whatever it's, i really hope... really hope that cloudy days are over for you and it's time for you to have a rainbow view ;)

  9. really, if you boy friend is being an asshole there is many ways to stop him. I am not a guru, but I know the things that scare me straight.

    example .

    I say the wrong thing. Then later that night when in bed with the girl, I see her reading a book on Lorena Bobbitt. Then she winks at me, and turns off the lights.


  10. to meiyen:
    Yeah - I totally agree...
    A couple that doesn't argue at all = something very wrong!

    to b:
    Woah - that IS pretty scary for a guy to face...
    If I were you, I would have made a run for it!

  11. all my life. every day, I go to the store and buy food, but do they call me bryon, the food shopper? NO!!

    I went to college and passed college and do they call me bryon the collge passer? NO!

    I walk for sick kids, and people for dieases,but do they call me bryon the guy who walks for charity? NO!!

    I blogg, and comment on J's blogg, do they call me bryon the blogger? NO!!!

    but you have "relations" with one sheep

  12. to b:
    You did WHAT with a sheep??

    Erm... okies.
    Will not judge you, mate.
    As long as you and the sheep are happy.


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