Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun With Wine, Song and Balls

Parrrrrtay.....! :)

Just last week (during the Raya break), my friend KH was generous enough to throw a "Raya Open House" since his parents were away....

He played the part of the gracious host very well, ensuring we had a steady flow of finger foods to quell our greedy appetites:
Processed Meat of various shapes and sizes - yummy!

Of course, the wide variety of alcohol was very nice too:
I Love You, Mr Vodka! And you, and you and you and you!

This was my first time to KH's place but man, it is so cool - there's pretty much a mini entertainment center in the top floor....!

There was a Karaoke:
"Lalalala Laaaaaaaaaaa......!" (Fooyor - gaya!)

Most of the songs available were a bit old...
(eg. Take Me Home Country Roads, Moon River, etc)
... but hey, everyone had a blast singing along to them - some even with a surprising amount of passion and flair...

And there was a pool table too AND a foosball table too!:
N says: "I think I can, I think I can"

Playing foosball with/ against Pat really brought back memories of my uni days and staying in my dorm, Frank Tate House.
Yeah... we used to have a foosball table in the living room area there and Pat used to totally KICK my ass at it every single time.

What I liked best though, was the view from the large balcony area:

(Thankfully it wasn't so smoggy that night)
It was really relaxing, just sitting there with P (and the others).... with my vodka in hand, looking out across the horizon at all the pretty lights...

Yeah - it was a fun night.
So, once again, thanks KH!
(You da man!)

(Oh, sorry - no funny photos of drunken people making a fool of themselves/ being made fun of.... If you want those, then visit Boss Stewie who obviously cannot be trusted to take care of drunk people especially when he has access to a camera)

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  1. view from da balcony looks awesome!

  2. Wei, seems fun leh...... i love partying at friend's house.. hehhee

  3. million dollar view from the balcony!

  4. to meiyen:
    Yeah... I wish I had a view like that from my condo but all I can see is the highway!

    to cely:
    Partying in house is also much kinder to the wallet also!
    Outside, everything is so expensive....

    to wuching:
    Yeah, it's nice, isn't it?



  6. to Merv:
    Me too...
    Hmmm, I know! - We can form a team and take over the house!

    (Then we can play pool everyday!)

  7. wtf..
    omigod.. my pic is there..
    *dies in shame*

  8. to soo jin:
    Erm... but you look quite cool wat.


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