Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lost And Found

An affordable place to eat in SS17....

The Lunch

(as at Jan 2007)
I'm so sad...
Just came back from Food Foundry and not only have they revamped the entire menu (taking out many of my favourite dishes) but the prices seem to have gone up a bit!
Didn't bring my camera at the time so I can't show you the new dishes they had but well, I wasn't impressed.
(Dammit - just when I thought I had finally found a affordable, nice and convenient place to eat!)
(Oh, they still have their yummy Mille Crepe though so it's not so bad....)

I'm not going to take down my old review just yet (although it's not really relevant anymore) but I promise I will put up an updated review as soon as I can.....
Have a good weekend!


Food Foundry is a new restaurant in the SS17 area that has been getting quite a bit of attention lately (from bloggers anyway). They serve a pretty wide range of very affordably priced Western as well as Asian food (most of the starters, tapas and desserts go for about RM7, the mains are about RM12 to RM20).
(Oh, and I must say: They have a wonderful website! - it's clean, informative, modern and they are so refreshingly transparent about themselves and their menu)

Ambience-wise, Food Foundry has a simple, cosy and comfortable environment:
Food Foundry Interior

It is however, located in a rather unsophisticated location, specifically at the base of a low cost apartment block. This is probably why they can keep their prices so low... So, good for them and us consumers too *yay* :
Food Foundry Exterior

That day we started off with the Sauted Mushrooms, Lamb Meatballs and the Caeser Salad:

Top to bottom: Caeser Salad, Sauted Mushrooms and Lamb Meatballs

The Caeser Salad was nice, very worth it for RM6.90++. The Mushrooms, sauted with butter and garlic, were also pretty good - possibly a little undercooked but overall ok for RM5.90++.
The Lamb Meatballs (RM6.90++) though were a bit of a letdown. The texture of the meatball was nice - crunchy outer layer with moist meat inside - but it (and the accompanying sauce) was waaaaaay too salty.

For the mains, we tried the Aglio Beef with Mushrooms, the Pan Fried Dory with Pepper Marmalade and the Chicken Cordon Bleu:

Top to bottom: The Pan Fried Dory, Aglio Beef and Chicken Cordon Bleu

The fish was nice, served with a side of salad and creamy pasta.
(The serving of fish was kinda small though - but ok for the price of RM12.90++... and the accompanying pasta was pretty tasty and filled me up)

The Aglio Beef with mushrooms (RM12.90++) was not bad... It had an Asian taste to it - not quite like the classic Aglio, which is nice but for me it was a bit too "wet". Lastly, the chicken (RM12.90++) was also ok - tender and flavorful.

For dessert, we tried the house specialty, the Original Mille Crepe (RM7.90++) as well as a Brown Brownie (RM6.90++):
The Mille Crepe and the Brown Brownie

The Mille Crepe with its many layer of crepe and cream was nice - simple, refreshing and not too sweet.
(Definately something I would try again)
What about the Brown Brownie? Well, I didn't like it at all, but it's personal - I don't like cinnamon in my desserts. My friend V (who likes cinnamon) seems to think it tastes fine though.

So, it's: Affordable dining, comfortable environment BUT hits and misses on the menu and nothing much else really - it's not perfect but at those prices, I wouldn't complain

You can find a map HERE on their website.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Food Foundry @ Section 17, PJ

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 6
Price** : RM25/++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-7955 3885
Opening Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm


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  1. U shld try the strawberries and cream mille crepe, I find that variety is the best becoz not so rich and creamy with the addition of slightly tangy strawberry jam.

  2. i've been to food foundry once quite recently. i'm glad more and more people are getting to know about it. you won't be able to get food that great at those prices anywhere else!

  3. Did you post the wrong picture? The mille crepe pic is the pic of noodles/pasta. :P

  4. to boo_licious:
    Shall definately try that the next time I go there.
    (The chocolate mille crepe looks interesting too)

    Thanks for the tip!

    to disco_very:
    Yeah - I hope it gets more popular too... Places like that usually have very low profit margins and have to rely on high turnover to survive.

    to jason:
    Oh sheet.
    That's a really silly error.
    (Either that, or that's the weirdest looking mille crepe and brownie in the world! haha)

    (Thanks for spotting my mistake though - I've corrected the photos already)

  5. emm..
    you went again?
    oh wait.. you didn't join us the first time..

    bday party? or something like that

  6. Really miss eating out here in the UK. It's not that there are no good restaurants but rather we can't afford it.

    Unlike Malaysia, no cheapo mamak stalls here.

  7. to soo jin:
    Yeah - I think I was out of town for work when you and the rest went to Food Foundry....
    Can't seem to remember whether it was a birthday thing or just another weekly dinner.

    to adam:
    Darn - that sucks....
    (Yeah loh, the bloody forex is so unfavourable for us Msians *sigh*)
    Come back asap then! - the mamak stalls will still be open when you get back...

  8. whoaaa...hmmm looks like i muz make a stop at this place and da price looks quite okay oso..

  9. Hey, i went to food foundry on first day of raya, and they were closed. ish... i m gonna try it one day~ look at the mille crepe, so tempting...

  10. to meiyen:
    Yeah... the prices are really good!

    (Oh.. and they have free Wifi also)

    to 为食喵:
    Oh no... how unlucky.
    I hope you like it when you go again and try the food.

  11. i went there to day and i too was very dissapointed with the change. i could hardly choose anything from the menu! and the price is so expensive

  12. to anonymous:
    It's really very disappointing..
    The day when I was there, I could hear many of the tables around me saying: "Hey waitress, where's the REAL menu? Harr? What do you mean that the concept has been changed??"

  13. Totally agree. We live in Section 17 (actually, it's not SS17, which is in Subang) so we were really excited the first time we went for lunch - tasty, huge portions, reasonably priced. We enthusiastically dragged the whole family along for dinner and...disappointment. The new portions were so small my husband had to have 2 mains. The lasagna was feeble - I cook better lasagna, and that's saying something. The only thing that saved the day was the creme brulee. So...we went back again to give them another shot at lunch. This time the kung pao udon prawns was nice, albeit small, but the creme brulee was only so-so. The supposedly burnt sugar was still in sugar crystal form. All round, the new concept doesn't do it for us, especially when the food quality is hit-and-miss and my husband has to order two portions to satisfy him. We don't think we'll be heading back there anytime soon, sorry to say.

  14. to christine:
    Major oops.
    Thanks for pointing out that little typo which makes such a big difference - I've corrected it already.
    Yeah... it's so sad, isn't it?
    (I haven't been back there myself since then)
    It's one thing if the food there was always so-so and bit pricey but the thing that really gets me is that this place used to be perfect - free ample parking, comfortable ambience and good food at an affordable price.
    Oh well.
    I guess we will all just have to look out for another good place to eat.

  15. er... anyone knows wat happende to the cabonara with turkey ham and the creme brulee?? not in the menu anymore. and i went today and ordered the cabonara with mushroom and chicken (they only have this) but it came without the chicken!!! :(

  16. to anonymous:
    I've never noticed any creme brulee on the menu before (but then again, it's probably because I always end up eating the Mille Crepe).

    What did they say when you complained though? (Especially about the missing chicken - that's so weird!)


Appreciate your thoughts, opinions and feedback. :)