Thursday, October 26, 2006

Apologies For My Lack Of Skillz

So the feedback so far is that my new template looks really bad on Firefox....
(I suck!)

(Thanks for the feedback though, Cely! *hugs*)

I shall try to fix it asap. It really isn't supposed to just be a blob of white with some words on it - there's supposed to be a cute banner with a chocolate bunny on it, among other things...

For the meantime though, dear Firefox users, please be patient with me.
(A thousand apologies for any irritation or confusion caused by any disappearing banners/ alignment errors/ etc... )


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  1. As you know, I've been missing. And now that I'm back, (and using Firefox for that matter), all I see is a large goo of white.


  2. to Merv:
    Well,... that wasn't hard to notice that you were gone.
    (Hope you're feeling better)

    Nothing but white goo?
    No chocolate bunnies??
    No J's hard (but most definately flawed) work???

    It is obvious that I desperately need help.

  3. to Merv:
    I meant to type "It was hard to NOT notice that you were gone" but obviously my fingers are failing me too.
    (Damned typos)

  4. j, i am using firefox wonder i've been seeing WHITE too and it looks quite different if i were to browse it using ie ;)

  5. heheh.. J... dun worry..

    we will be patient... yea.. i saw the cute bunny banner.. at IE :p

  6. to meiyen:
    I guess I'm just hopeless at this whole blog template/ coding thingy...
    (Oh well, no ones perfect, right?)

    to cely:
    Thank you for your patience!

    I have already asked a friend to give me a few pointers/ coaching this weekend on my coding....

    So, it should be fixed and hopefully I'll learn how to not repeat whatever it is that I did wrong.

  7. This post is filed under Friday October 26, 2007...something is wrong.

  8. to che-cheh:
    Oh - that's just me cheating a little....

    Instead of putting some coding to make that post sticky/ stay on the top, I've just put the date forward to next year.


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