Friday, October 20, 2006

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I really need more hours in a day.

My biological clock has started to normalize now, so I'm NOT waking up at 5.30am automatically anymore but that has actually turned out to be a bad thing.
(It's so good to sorta "get" 1 or 2 extra hours everyday)

Oh, and... *waves fist at phantom nuisance driver*... there is not point putting on a signal light when you are already half way into the lane! - it is supposed to indicate your intent to cut into the lane!
At least you put it on at all, I suppose... which is more than I can say for a lot of people.

Over and out,

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Wuching said...

does ur biological clock tell u its time to get pregnant?

Laksa said...

yeah, know what you mean - kinda defeats the purpose already. should indicate earlier mah, else set the lions to bite his @#$...hehe

J said...

to wuching:
Don't say the "P" word lah, you'll give my bf an unneccessary heart attack methinks.

to laksa:
Excellent idea!
*rubs hands together like Mr Burns*

Merv Kwok said...

You should see half the drivers here. They signal right and turn left. I kid you not.

And it's pretty common for a lot of drivers here to just stay in between two lanes because they can't decide which lane to be on.

J said...

to merv:
Obviously, I'm going to need many, many more lions to handle this problem...


Man... why do the Singaporeans always have to try to be one up on everything??

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