Friday, October 13, 2006

More Poetry

Here's another peek into my past poetic dabblings.....

Untitled 2:

Crowded mob scene,
No one will hear you.
In the fervent flood of movement,
Forget about tomorrow,
There's only today.


The moment of your life,
Inner tranquility in the deafening roar,
Of mass pleasing music,
Feel your soul soar,

Away from reality,
And into a dream,
Of utter, absolute ecstasy,

Your true self is lost,
Ask yourself: Is it worth what it cost?

The price you paid,
The decision you made,
To taste sin,
Feed the Devil you've kept locked in,

For many years until this day,
Now released.
Satisfaction in a decadent way,
So, dance like it's 1999,
Tomorrow might never come.

The end is near,
Toss aside your fears.
Forget all your sorrows,
There's only today.

There'll be no tomorrow.


The funny thing is that I wrote this when I was about 15 years old and had never stepped foot in a disco/ club before.... I think I had just watched a movie with a party scene and took it from there.

Hmmmm, so had I hit the reality of the situation right on the head from that young age or is it far from the truth?
The experience varies from person to person, I guess.
(Who wants to help me name this poem?)

Anyway, I do hope you all have a great weekend ahead.....


Oh, btw, I hope that you have all survived the day safely.

Ps/ Once again: Hey, I realise it's not gonna win any awards in the near conceiveable future but it's mine, ok? - Original from my brain 100%! No copying/ plagiarising, thank you!

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  1. Not related to the poem: I just barely made it through the day. I need a drink.

    And welcome back J =))

  2. to Merv:
    I know how you feel.
    (Remember - alcohol is your friend... but only in moderation!)

    Thanks for the welcome back.


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