Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

I'm going off on my holiday soon.

It is going to be a bloody 10+ hour flight though.

Wish me luck!
Hopefully I won't get stuck in cattle class (as I can only afford Economy *sigh*) in between a flatulent overweight person and an irritable baby.
*prays really really hard*

I've always hoped that one day when I check in at the airport, the nice lady at the counter will turn to me and say: "Oh... I'm so sorry! We've made a horrible mistake - the flight has been overbooked so we'll just HAVE to put you in First Class instead.... and oh btw, Brad Pitt is on the same flight! I hope you don't mind."
*prays even harder*
(Wow,... I feel so holy today)

Wishful thinking, I know...
... but it's fun to have a few silly wishes sometimes.

Ciao everyone.
I'll see you all in about a weeks' time......
(Tomorrow will be a hectic day at work before zipping off to the airport so I'm not sure if I'll have time to put up an update here - sorry)


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  1. Bon Voyage!

    Enjoy yourself & HUGS! :p

  2. where u going? 10 hours! must be europe or amadika! have a good holiday!

  3. Enjoy your trip and don't forget to blog about it when you come back. I would love to visit NZ one day. I'm a LOTR geek too.

    You're following tour or backpack ?

  4. hahaha... GOod luck girl.

    Enjoy yourself !

    Will wait for your pictures

  5. to jemima:

    to wuching:
    I'm going to New Zealand...
    (I was pretty shocked the first time I found out how long it takes to get there from KL)

    to merv:
    Thanks Merv...

    to che-cheh:
    LOTR rocks!
    I'm going on my own...
    (I'm slowly finding out how expensive it's gonna add up to though)
    (Bloody hell, just to go into the Hobbiton set is already NZ$50! *ouch*)

    to cely:

  6. enjoy da trip and have a good journey yah!!! :D

  7. OK, Take it from me, who's definitely THE MAN when it comes to up-grades. The key is to be single (or atleast travelling alone), female, well-dressed, smile at the check-in staff and/or pregnant. So, if in a group, and you don't mind splitting up, then check-in seperately. If you're not female ... just be, I dunno, a bit gay. If you're not pregnant ... get to it - you've got 24hrs!

    As a happily married male, with no kids, a bit of a slob and a surly disposition, I obviously have never been bumped-up, but I have made an in-depth study of this process, and these 5 things will significantly increase your odds!

    Have a great trip.

  8. to donkeyblog:
    Hmmm.... interesting.
    Will try to apply your tips to real life and see how it works out.

    Thank ye kindly, Donkey.

  9. here's my tip on getting bumped up..
    i've been bumped up.. about 5-6 times? 3 times when I was going to and from Australia.

    arrive fugging late, and if that flight is full, they'll slot u in anywhere les u make a big fuss.. =)

    tip 2.. ask. never hurt anyone

    tip 3.. be alone.

    tip 4.. be a student

    true story
    So, travelling alone?"
    "err yea?"
    "err yea?"
    "ok upgrade u to business"
    "err ok? Thanks?"


    another time, me and my friend were a little late, it was her fault I SWEAR!! then we asked for an upgrade and they gave it to us. The only time I ever sat in the same plane as her funnily..

  10. Have a safe trip, J. oh, and J if you get stuck between a crying baby, and a really fat wilder beast, just pick up the baby, and stuff it into the fat ladies face. It really, doesn't solve anything, but it might make you feel better.

    p.s. diaper side up.

  11. enjoy the hobbits ;-) good time to be out of the country with haze and all. enjoy the blue skies and green earth, J.

  12. haha, may ur wish comes true & enjoy da trip!

  13. to soojin:
    So those are the 4 steps to success!
    Will definately try it on the way back.

    to b:
    I'll do just that, or just drink enough booze to make the world a better place.

    to hunter, wayne, sj & ??:
    Thanks for the well wishes! - I'll try to breathe in as much fresh air as I can while I'm in NZ.


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