Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Thot I Saw A Puddy Cat..

A visit to a beautiful (and fun!) animal sanctuary in Rotorua, New Zealand....

One of the last tourist-y stops I made in New Zealand was to the Paradise Springs Valley Trout and Wildlife Park in Rotorua.... It was a nice drive in, roughly 15 minutes away from the main town area.
The main entrance.....

(FYI: It costs NZ$23.00 for adults and NZ$11.50 for kids)

We were expecting to see just local animals there but surprisingly they had a rather large pride of lions there too:

*Snooooore* "Rowr..."

Lioness 2: "Hey, pssst... wake up, sleepyhead! Look there... lunch has arrived!"
Lioness 1: "Hrrrrm?.... *sleepy glance*... Oh ok. I'll pick it up..."

Lioness 1:"Nothing like getting a bite after a long nap.... "

Lioness 1:"ROWR! *pounces at J*
J: "Aieeeeeeee..... Run away!"

Just kidding.
(I am so lame)

Anyway, there's really nothing to worry about - it was actually all very safe as there is a solid electric fence between the lion enclosure and the walkway:


The reason why they have lions there is pretty sweet actually.... According to one of the park rangers, they are (or are descendents of) abandoned circus lions that the park owners adopted in the 1980's.

The original adoptees reproduced, rather prolifically in fact, and with that (and a few exhanges between other reserves and zoos) the lion family of Paradise Valley grew happily and healthily.

There are even a pair of lion cubs here, Asha and Aslan. Hearing the word "cubs" of course, I was expecting cute little lions the size of large house cats....

... but good Lord! - At the age of only 9 months, they were huge!:
*puuuuuurrrrr* (Awww, so manja!)

They were really cute though.
Like a pair of overgrown kittens....
"... I'm-a..."
"... gonna..... "
"... get you!" *triumphant roar*

You can even pet them,... if you dare!
(Those claws and teeth look mighty sharp....)
Me so brave.... :)

(Daily lion cubs viewing times: 10.30am-12.00pm, 1.00pm-2.20pm, 3.00pm-4.30pm)

Overall, it was a great experience...
I had a fun time looking at all the animals,... it kinda made me feel like a kid again actually.

Summary Information:
Paradise Springs Valley Trout and Wildlife Park

Admission price: NZ$23 (Adults) and NZ$12 (Kids)
(Babies/ infants enter free!)
Park Opening Hours: 8am to 6pm
(Last ticket sale at 5pm).
Daily lion cubs viewing times: 10.30am-12.00pm, 1.00pm-2.20pm, 3.00pm-4.30pm.

Address: 467 Paradise Valley Road, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Phone No.: +64 7 348 0366
Location map: CLICK HERE

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  1. yi yer, scary neh~

  2. Hey, where's the trout?

  3. yep, you did see a puddy cat.

    and wow, didn't know you're such a looker :)

    btw, you've been tagged!

  4. to cely:
    But they were really very cute!
    (As long as you don't put your hand too near their mouth, that is)

    to hungryox:
    Ok - will make a special post on the trout just for you, ok?

    to wuching:

    to laksa:
    Weiii... don't make me blush lah!
    Will do the tag asap.

  5. 23 bucks!!! Man that is so ex. I see wildlife for free everyday. It's called taking the bus hahahaha

  6. to merv:
    Hey, it's definately expensive for me but not so much for you lah Mr "I'm earning in Singapore dollars!".....

    Anyway, the wildlife they had was cute and enjoyable to watch...
    The ones in your busses? - no comment! You should know better than me.

  7. Wow! You get to pat a real live lion! That is so cool! Definately MUST visit the place if I ever go to NZ!

  8. to just sharlene:
    Yeah - that was definately something different!
    I hope you have a lots anf lots of fun when you do go there...


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