Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back To Work

How quickly the 2 days has passed by....

Now it's back to the daily grind again (at least for 2 more days anyway)...
The office is so so so quiet today though, as many people are still on leave...
(Hmmm,.. is that a good thing or bad thing? Hopefully more good than bad lah - I dunno how irritating it'll be if I need some work done urgently but the key people are not around today)

Anyway, the short break has been fun (albeit a little too short).
It was a whirlwind of:
1) Shopping
I thought that the shopping centers would be empty-ish due to everyone going back to their home towns but there were so many people around!

2) Watching DVDs
Legal ones, of course.
... and none of those XXX kind either, so don't go there.

3) Catching up with friends
Booze + Foosball Table + Friends = Fun!

4) Sleeping In!
Ah, glorious rest.....
It's so nice to be able to roll out of bed at 10am instead of the usual 6.30am.
(I know it's very slothful.... but it's just so wonderfully rare and precious ever since I started working)

So how were your Raya breaks?
(Or are you all still on you Raya breaks now?)

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  1. i am soooooooo lazy to do anything right now eventhough i am in da office :p need some time to actually get back to work seriously.....and and and it was a bad idea to shop around during da raya holidays cause shopping mall were jam-packed with people :(

  2. I'm still on Raya breaks till Sunday. :P :P
    I went shopping, sleep, went on a short holiday and cook something delicious.

  3. Wot a surprise that the #1 holiday activity of a gal from KL would be shopping! ;)

    ... and absolutely no mention of food in there. J, what's happening to you?

  4. to meiyen:
    Trust me, you're definately not the only one feeling lazy...
    *guilty grin*
    Don't worry about it lah - the weekend is so so close!

    to cheh-cheh:
    Me so jealous!
    Well, hope you have a fantastically fun but relaxing break.

    to donkeyblog:
    Well, it's definately more of window shopping for poor ol' me...
    ... and I've just come back from a holiday in NZ : I'm broke!
    Thus there was very little of consuming yummy food....
    Twas just a sad holiday of eating(mostly) instant noodles for me.

  5. We are doing a lot of shopping here too. I look forward to the weekends for the car boot sales. Hey! That gives me an idea for my next blog post.

  6. to adam:
    Glad to hear that you're having fun.
    Car boot sales?
    Sounds like an adventure!
    (Am looking forward to reading your post on it)

  7. I worked during my raya break. Sad eh? Lol

  8. to Merv:
    Aw man, that sucks!
    You poor boy....

    The weekend is only a (about) day away though - then you'll be able to get the R&R you so rightfully deserve.

    (Us office minions don't really have a choice sometimes, do we? I remember working through many a weekend/ holiday myself in past years - I'm just lucky my new manager is a darling)


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