Monday, October 30, 2006

Of Flesh and Bits and Pieces

Love and gore at the KLPAC.....

On Sunday, I went to watch the new Gavin Yap play, Frankenstein In Love at the KLPAC.

It is an adaptation of Clive Barker's updated interpretation of Mary Shelley's classic Frankenstein - set in the midst of a revolution with love, gore, hate and politics all rolled into a 2 hour play.

Gavin Yap rocks!
The man has abs of steel....
(Unfortunately he was only directing this time and did not spend any time walking around without his shirt on *sigh*)
... and he was a wickedly dark sense of humour - which is so refreshing to watch!
(Or maybe I'm just a wee bit disturbed!)
The Frankenstein In Love Poster

Anyway, if you haven't figured it out already, I really enjoyed the whole experience. Why?: Well, because politics + love + death = elements of a good play! It was dark, without being too deep or boring... and funny, without being too over the top or corny.

Good acting is of course absolutely essential to bring all the elements together to produce a successful play, and I think that the cast did a good job here!
A (Fuzzy) Peek At The Play

Of course, no one is perfect - there were one or two actors who seemed to swallow their words here and there... especially when they began speaking a bit faster in their foreign accents (leaving me to guess what the hell it was that they were saying) but for the most part, it was good.

I won't spoil it by revealing too much.... but I'll sum it up as:
A fun, dark and witty play set in a revolution with the classic undertones of a boy meets girl love story (AND flesh eating zombies!!)
(It's only running for a few more days so you gotta be quick if you wanna watch it)

Summary Info:
Name of Play - Frankenstein In Love
Venue - The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC)
Dates - Oct 27 till Nov 3, 2006
Price - RM50 (adults) / RM30 (students, seniors, disabled)
Bookings - Online or Phone 2094 9400/ 4047 9000
Note - They have a blog too! O_o??

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  1. yeah, my editor friend at plan b interviewed gavin before for a spread on local celebs a while back. had some interesting things to say about him... nonetheless, very gifted mind, this boy has...

  2. to laksa:
    Yes - gifted indeed!
    (Interesting things like what though? Tell lah... I'm so curious!)

  3. hehe, wouldn't want to spoil whatever admiration you have for him.

    shall just keep those thoughts to myself ;)

  4. to laksa:
    So secretive!

    You won't tell me even if I say "pretty please"??

  5. spoil?
    key word there

  6. to soo jin:
    What's wrong with Gavin Yap?

  7. Are you gonna check out Gavin's new play at KLPac? It's called Tell Tale Heart. I gonna check it out this Tues (RM15 only). I hope it's a good one. I didn't mind Frankenstein in Love but Endgame which he also did was boring for me. I'm gonna leave you another comment on Fastest Clock...

  8. to matrixgirl:
    Well, I just like that his plays are usually at least "OK" or better.
    (I didn't watch Endgame but yeah, there are some very mixed opinions about it - one of my friends even said that it gave her a headache)
    At least with Gavin, there's some certainty that your money is not going to be totally wasted.

    Oh, and yes... I may be watching Tell Tale Heart next weekend with some friends.


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