Monday, October 23, 2006

Not So Blue Monday

I am in the office today, but somehow it doesn't seem so bad...
(On half day today)

Driving to work today was also an absolute dream!
(Ten minutes.... only TEN minutes!)

I dunno why I'm feeling so sleeeepy though.
Slept pretty early last night....

Anyway, I have no "kampung" to return to, so most festive seasons, I'll just stay in KL/PJ and enjoy the distinct lack of crazy drivers on the road.
*waves to crazy drivers*
Please take your time!
Don't rush back, ok?

(In fact, if you decide to stay in your home towns and never return, that'll be great too!)

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  1. while almost the rest of the country are off (inc the banks, no less), here I am, like youself, at work...

    *sigh* thank good ness for your blog, keeping myself occupied... hehe

    Happy Hari Raya!

  2. to laksa:
    Well,... I'm glad to be of service then, fellow office minion.

    Selamat Hari Raya to you too!


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