Saturday, October 21, 2006

With Love....

Just a short shout out to all my friends out there who are celebrating Deepavali:

May you and your families have a glorious, happy celebration on this day (and the rest of the year).....

Happy Deepavali!

Over and out,


  1. happy deepavali, time for some banana leaf with toddy, cheers !

  2. Dear All,

    El Cerdo business hour has changed.

    Tuesday to Sunday
    Lunch 12noon-2.30pm (kitchen last call)
    Dinner 6.30pm-10.30pm (kitchen last call).

    Mondays closed except for public holiday or eve public holiday, open for dinner

    Mondays also open for private function, lunch or dinner

  3. to sj:
    Awww.... thanks!

    to tonixe:
    Yay for yummy but sinful food and home brewed alcohol!
    (I had Chinese food and beer on that day but ermmm - it's close enough, right?)

    to anonymous:
    Thanks for the info! - I'll update it into my El Cerdo review.


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