Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sharing The Pain

I think I'm growing up to be bitchier, day by day.

I love my boyfriend. I really do.
He is a really nice person - kind, loving and generous.
He was someone that I "clicked" with immediately and there have (amazingly) never been any awkward silences between us, right from the start.

... but the situation that we are in is really beginning to eat into me.
I am juat so frustrated sometimes:
Do I ask my mum to Shut The F**k Up? Or do I tell my wonderful bf to get with the program (and at least just get engaged so that my mum will STFU)??

What do I usually do instead?
I lash out at him,
I ask him to buy me things....
(Which he refuses to anyway - he's a smart man, too smart maybe *sigh*)
... and sometimes I even purposely say hurtful things to him.

Does this make me a bad person?
I don't know.
I guess so.

I suppose chocoholics were never made to be angels.
Especially me.

(Yes, I am in a terrible mood. And yes, I realise it's 4am now but well,... I can't sleep)

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  1. if u realise u did things that way... why not stop doing it?

    at least u know what's going on with u... it's never too late to change...

    cheer up girl...

    dun feel bad. maybe u were pampered too much? hehe

    let's make urself more lovely

    i support u
    Ga Yao

  2. you're just being a woman, i know coz i have one at home!

  3. to cely:
    Yeah, sometimes I know I'm being bad but I just can't stop myself.

    I might be a spoilt brat, I guess.
    It's just really irritating: my mum's always asking "when are you going to get married?" x1000 and just won't take "not yet" as an answer.

    I really shouldn't let it get under my skin like that.... and I guess I really shouldn't be taking it out on my bf.

    to wuching:
    Well, women make men's lives more interesting (and vice versa)!

    (Don't you think so?)

  4. j, it's normal i guess cause you are not alone... it's true that when you get pampered too much, you will intend to show up da bitchy attitude..... but could it be because we were born in da same year? :p ekekekeke

  5. j, wondering if you are interested to go for da migf...

  6. to meiyen:
    Haha - maybe....
    (Us 1981 girls are just so troublesome lah! *lol*)

    I really don't mean to but sometimes I guess I accidentally use my bf as a punching bag when I'm frustrated with my family/ work/ whatever....
    (I'm such a bad girl!)

    (Oh, and about the MIGF - I want to but I'm so so broke cos I just came back from overseas holiday.... )

  7. j, kinda agree with u on da 1981 girls! :p anyways, i don't think that your bf will actually take count being a punching bag...i am sure he knows you well enough, who you are and how you behave when shit happens ;) eventhough he's kind and generous, just take note that don't take him for granted.. you can always say sorry after that.. i am sure he will accept your apology cause you are his one and only sweetheart ;)

    hmmm..... about da MGIF i am still waiting for da green light from my bf though but looks like this year's festival menu in those participated restaurants cost a bomb!!! think of it, it's really freaking expensive... wondering really worth to go for it...might as well as use da $$$ to go for holiday huh...

  8. bad Jo bad!

    girls like u give love a bad name
    that's a song isn't it?
    damnit.. i plagiarise..

  9. to meiyen:
    Every relationship is about give and take, I guess...
    (Sometimes my bf also can get a bit grumpy when he is stressed)

    Yeah - the MGIF prices are so painful!
    If you do go, please take many many photos so that I can at least enjoy drooling while I look at them, ok?

    to soojin:
    It's not my fault.
    It's the hormones, I tell you!
    The hormones!!
    (I'm mostly good.... just sometimes bad only laaaah... *pout*)

  10. j, still unsure whether going o not... cause my other half gave me this look-----> O_o O_o when i told him about this MIGF...

  11. hey hello take it easy....

    u still have us ok !

    every sec.....

  12. to meiyen:
    Yeah - some of the MIGF set menus can buy a plane ticket (Air Asia lah) to Thailand!

    I think most probably also I won't be going.

    We'll just both just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best lah, I guess.

    to tonixe:
    Awww... *hugs*

    It's true though - without this blog and all of you guys, I think I will go siao already.


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