Tuesday, October 17, 2006

---//To New Zealand & Back In 15 Photos >>

Busy studying for exams?
No time to take leave from work?
No worries!

With the advent of the internet, I bring you Round 2 of the desktop travelling experience!:

1) A first look at NZ from the airplane...

"Kiwi Land, I'm almost there!"

2) First stop, Auckland!

"Ah... Auckland: where the shops close at 5pm and you can jump off a building or a bridge for a price - exciting!"

3) Laughing at the funny billboards around town...

"Hahahaha... erm... They're not refering to me, right?"

4) Here's something fun to do during a drive through NZ - The "Count The Sheep" Game for endless hours of mindless fun:

"1 sheep, 2 sheep ~ 1,000,001 sheep, 1,000,002 sheep..."

5) If you get bored of that, here's a variation - The "Count The Cows" Game!

"1 cow, 2 cow, aahhh.. I give up....!"

6) Here's another fun timekiller - The "Laugh At Funny NZ Town Names" Game!:

(Click photo to enlarge)
"Te Puke? (it's pronounced as "Teh PuKee" by the locals - I'm serious!) Hahahahhahaha"

7) Enjoying wine and food in the Matakana region, north of Auckland:

"Yum........ seng!"

8) Ah... NZ, you are blessed with such variety in your landscape:
Beautiful mountains,.....
(Mount Maunganui near Tauranga)

"1 step and only 999 more to go!"

9) Nice beaches,.....
(Waihi beach)

"I love a good beach!"

10) Rolling landscapes of green hills,.....

"Look! Its acres and acres of sheep food..."

11) Majestic rivers,....
(Okare Falls area in Rotorua)

"Feel like a swim? Be careful though - it's bloody cold!"

12) Spectacular lakes....
(Lake Rotorua)

"So many cute swans!"

13) ... and smelly volcanic areas!
(Hell's Gate in Rotorua)

"Eeerrr.... Smellyyyyyyy"

14) Cute animals at the Paradise Santuary in Rotorua!

"Mmmm,.... baby roast ducks!"

15) Finally, home sweet home....

"Yay! So happy to be home... Sheesh - it's so smoggy though!"

Thus ends the whirlwind trip to New Zealand and back.....

Wanna see Melbourne too? CLICK HERE!

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  1. nice tour but i like the melb tour better! hehe

  2. woah.. the last time i've been to new zealand was 15 years ago... all i remember was beautiful scenery.. u know the kind where the trees in the forests are all lined up.. and of course.. sheep... lots and lots of sheep.. me likey sheep

  3. baby roast ducks!! LOL. I think J was eyeing them for her dinner. NZ is nice esp the scenery and yeah, full of sheep and more sheep. Hee hee, Rotorua is smelly because of all that sulphur. It's so blardy far though, still remember driving around NZ to get there.

  4. whoa....love this place, looks so calming and relaxing!

  5. I'M ANGRY!!!!!

    Great photos of NZ, J, but I had a look at your trip from my home town, Melbs, and I wanna know how come you think there's so little to do there that 4 out of your 15 photos were either KL, or the same photo of the Skybus terminal!

    C'mon, I know it gets chilly in Melbourne, but surely a bit more outdoor could have happened?

    Only playing ;). Thanks for the holiday.

  6. nice pics :)

    kinda brings back memories for me... a trip down nostalgia lane...

  7. to wuching:
    Are you sure you're not just a biiiit biased though?

    to boss stewie:
    15 years ago?
    Wow,... that's a long time!
    Go again soon lah - it's a great place to just rest and relax...

    to boo_licious:
    Yeah loh.
    I am a greedy girl.....
    I figured that it would be good to let them grow bigger and fatter first though....
    yum yum.

    to meiyen:
    Oh yes.... it definately was.
    Great scenery + nothing much to do after 5pm = very relaxing.

    to donkeyblog:
    Well, it was hot and then cold and then hot and then rainy and then hot and then cold when I was there.(Melburnians will understand this)
    Besides, I spent most of the trip shopping - didn't want to post pics of that up lest I bore everyone...

    to laksa:
    Hope you enjoyed your walk down memory lane...

  8. don't forget to show some NZ wines ok, I am a wineholic !

    psssst...i have quietly kiwid u into my links, tks.

  9. Te Puke... Sounds like where I wanna be hahaa!

  10. to tonixe:
    No problemo - will be posting up about a winery/ restaurant sometime next week....

    Oh, and thanks so much for linking me!

    to merv:
    Go lah!
    Then you can take a photo in front of the town's sign - that'll be something to show the grandkids!

  11. Well, you forgot to mention Whakatane (which is on the map you showed). It's pronouced "Fuck-a-tane".

  12. niiiiiceeeeeeee...
    so envy.. i dun have chance to go there yet.... :(

  13. to yoong wei:
    Oh man.... that's funny - didn't know that!

    There's also a "Pukemoremore" somewhere (not on the map) apparently.

    to cely:
    Don't need to be so envy lah - I am suffering now bcos almost all my year's savings have been used!
    You can go in the future anyway, right?... It's something to look forward to.

  14. Hey great photos.

    When lah I can save some $ to go there.

  15. to che-cheh:
    Glad you liked them....

    Well,... just do what I did lah: Eat less, buy less stuff, etc for (almost) one year and then blow all the money you saved on one trip....
    (*sigh* Money is so hard to save but so easy to spend, isn't it?)

  16. I bloody miss NZ !! It served me a good 8 months

  17. to Charles:
    Why only 8 months? If you had a good time then stay a little longer. :)
    (It's such a beautiful place...)


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