Tuesday, October 10, 2006

News From KiwiLand

Hey all,

I've just popped into a small internet cafe in New Zealand so I thought I'd just put up a short "Hello! I'm still alive" update.


Well, I'm enjoying my short break so far...
(The air here is so so so fresh!)
... and I hope that everyone's well back in Malaysia (and everywhere else *waves at the internationals*)...

I'll be back in KL a few days so I'll update properly then.



  1. so envy that you can have fresh air over there.. we are suffering.... it's so foggy and hazy over here in kl!!!! *coughhhhhhhhhhcoughhhhhh*

  2. dun hurry back, the haze is terrible. enhoy the fresh air while u still can!

  3. weeee miisss youuuuu! come back!!!

  4. malaysia is hazyyyyyyyy like hell !

  5. Hi J *waves*
    How's the weather in Kiwiland ?

  6. to meiyen:
    Yeah, the haze is really really bad lah.

    to wuching:
    I sucked in as much fresh air as I could already...
    Now, hopefully my lungs are fully refreshed (and ready to be polluted again *sigh*)

    to merv:
    So sweet!
    You really know how to inflate my ego...

    to cely:
    Yeah, it's terrible...
    When I looked down from my plane near KLIA, it looks like the whole of KL/PJ is covered in a permanent cloud!

    to che-cheh:
    Oh,.. the weather there was wonderful!
    (Maybe a biiiit too cold at times, when the darn wind starts blowing though)
    Mmmm... I wish Msia had weather like that.

    to tonixe:
    Kiwis as in the fruit or the bird or the people?
    1)the Kiwi fruits were very yummy, 2) the bird - dunno - didn't see any,
    3) the people - ok but I felt like a midget next to some of the local Maori people.


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