Friday, October 13, 2006

Honey, I'm HOOOOOoome!

Greetings everyone, on this Friday the 13th morning....

I'm back from the green pastures (and fresh air) of New Zealand - it is so shocking (to me) how smoggy KL/ PJ is right now!
(Big difference from NZ, that's for sure - the air there is so fresh!)
(Although it smells pretty strongly of cow/ sheep poop in some areas)
Look at all those sheep!

Aaaaah,... fresh air!

Hope you all didn't miss me too much.

(Wah - so "perasan", right? Haha...)


PS/ Updates on the beautiful sights and all the yummy food I ate in NZ will follow soon.

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  1. why u didn't make a detour over here to see me?

  2. to wuching:
    Sorry - you didn't pass me a airline ticket so I didn't so visit you....
    (It sould have definately burst my budget!)
    (Next time if I received a free air ticket and lodging then I can afford it lah)

  3. welcome back, j!!!!! omg, da sheeps.... mooo so beautiful scenery!!! :D

  4. to meiyen:
    (You're so cute)

    Anyway, yeah - the scenery was lovely.... so relaxing to feel the cool air and just look at endless green pastures and hills.
    I kinda miss it.


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