Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To Infinity And Beyond...

It never ends, does it?

Funny - it usually starts with the exact opposite, a stern precaution:
"You are too young to think about love.... You must concentrate on school/ exams/ etc..."

Then, when you juuuuust get past puberty, there will be rare occasions where it starts to change to a half joking:
"Waaaaaah - you are all grown up already! When are you going to a boyfriend?"
(Usually from aunts/ uncles who like to pinch cheeks *sigh*)

Of course, after a few years and you get too close to the big THREE ZERO, it escalates dramatically to:
"*Tsk-tsk* You are not getting any younger.... Cannot be SO fussy wan - you should find yourself a nice boy to take care of you!"
(Those who do not get this constant reminder every day should consider themselves lucky)

And once you do actually find someone you like and hook up, it worsens to:
"So, when are you two going to get married?"

Apparently, it doesn't stop after marriage either, with:
"Tick tock tick tock.... *knudge-knudge* *point at watch with cheeky grin*"

OR the more serious variation of:
"Tick tock tick tock.... *knudge-knudge* *point at watch with worried frown*"

OR perhaps a more direct:
"I'm not gonna live forever - I want to see grandkids..... NOW (before your womb goes past its expiry date)"

I've even witnessed this horrificly guilt filled quote on a friend's birthday card:
"My dear son... I am already an old woman. My last wish on earth is to see you with a nice girl. Then, I can die happy... (btw) Happy birthday..."

I know that parents always want the best for their children....
... but does that "best" necessarily need to = marriage+children?

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  1. Hahaha....Well said!! Now, where's the food????

  2. ahhaa.. i had those questions popping up to me recently..

    "so, when is ur turn to get married la?"

    how to escape from those questions ah ?

    any solutions? hehe

  3. j, those statements are so true! and i am sure juz like what's happening to me, everybody asking....

    "When are you going to tie da knot ah?"


  4. to hungryox:
    Greedy ox.
    I've been busy with work so haven't been eating out that much...
    (That's why the food reviewing is slowed down to only 1 a week)
    Sorry! - you'll just have to be patient with me....

    to cely:
    Dunno lah - if you can think of something that'll work then share with me, ok?

    So far, I can think of 2 solutions: Leave the country or become a nun but I dowan to use these tactics....

    to meiyen:
    Looks like both of us are at Stage 4 already...

    Then, when we finally get married, we will graduate to Stage 5 adn everyone will be bugging us about when we are gonna have a baby!

    (So, don't worry - you are definately not alone!)

  5. How come my parents arent chasing me to get attached? Hahha so sad.

  6. to Merv:
    Because, my dear boy, not only do you not have a womb that will go past its expiry date, you have no womb AT ALL.

    You can (most probably) happily have kids when you are 45 years old, to a 21 year old woman.
    (Or something typical like that)

  7. j, exactly! ;)

  8. Alas, being slightly under 8 months to the big three o' myself, i experience the same overbearing treatment from my family.

    But, i have made it my resolve NOT to rush myself into anything for the sake of pleasing anyone else. I will settle down when I am ready and when I meet the right person. If not, so be it.

    Some things in life cannot be forced...

  9. to meiyen:
    It's nice to be right.

    to laksa:
    Good for you...
    You're right: It's best not to rush into things.... especially where marriage is involved!

  10. I hear you man! Even more annoying coming from relatives that you dont give a hoot about.

  11. to tihtahpah:
    Ya loooorrrr....
    Some more, you can't get annoyed when they ask because they will complain that they were just concerned lah, you are so rude lah, no respect lah....


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