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Friends With Money

(March 2010)

Not that it's newly opened,... but I just found out that Siu Siu has a branch in the Sungai Besi area.

No. 1, Kampung Satu Seksyen 93,
Jalan Sungai Besi,
57100 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Phone No.: 016-370 8555

I haven't been there before, but you can refer to AWOL's review or Ah King. :)

Trying to give you more options,


Quite a few Saturdays ago, Nick was a darling and invited a few of us for dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant called Siu Siu in the Taman Seputih area.
(So that we could help him spend his bonus money - muahaha)

Now, anyone who was in the KL/ PJ area last Saturday will know how insanely heavy the rainfall was that night - drains overflowing, people up to their ankles in water (and rising), etc and the corresponding traffic jams, of course....

It was basically the sorta rain that you could get soaked-to-the-bone wet in 2 seconds if you didn't have an umbrella OR soaked-to-the-bone wet in 10 seconds if you DID have an umbrella.
(Bloody torrential tropical rainfall *grumble*)

The Dinner

Anyway, we finally made it to the restaurant, settled down and ordered our food... We were all wet, cold and hungry so we may have gone a little overboard with the ordering....
(Hmmm,... 6 people eating 7 dishes and 1 soup? So greedy!)

The restaurant was very basic in terms of ambience - concrete floor, zinc roofing, round wooden tables with washed out holey red tablecloths and plastic chairs... but it was clear that this place was popular as it was absolutely packed that night:
The restaurant interior....

It was so funny though, there was rain water dripping from some parts of the roof which dripped onto some of the flourescent lights, making the entire restaurant black out TWICE.... That, and one of the drains behind the restaurant overflowed leading to a sudden mini "flash flood" of muddy water across half the restaurant.
Yeah, it was a pretty eventful night.

We started off that night with a Salted Vegetables and Tofu soup to warm ourselves up:
The Salted Veg and Tofu Soup.....

The soup was good - wholesome and robust.
(I would have prefered it a little saltier though)

Then, onwards to the mains...
We had the Roast Duck, Claypot Crabs, Chili Crabs (served with optional "Man Tao"), Marmite Spare Ribs, 4 Heavenly Kings Vegetables (minus the Petai) and the Butter Prawns.....

First up, the Sweet and Sour Crabs with Deep Fried "Man Tao" (chinese buns):

The Claypot Crab:

The Roast Duck:

The Butter Prawns:

The Marmite Spare Ribs and the "4 Heavenly Kings" Vegetables:

(Haha - so much, right?)

Anyway, let's put it in order of how much I liked the dishes...
Good - Both type of Crabs, Butter Prawns.
The crabs were fresh, meaty and fragrant (yum)...
The Butter Prawns were also good - fresh and delicious. If they were just a biiiiit crispier though, then they would have been great.

OK - Marmite Spare Ribs, Roast Duck, 4 Heavenly Kings Vegetables (minus the Petai).
Spare Ribs were ok - a bit too salty and sticky for my taste....
The meat of the Roast Duck was nice but the skin was sadly, not crispy at all. Luckily it wasn't too "fat" so it wasn't all bad....
The 4 Heavenly Kings Vegetables (a fancy name for a dish of fried long beans, four angle beans, brinjals and petai), fried with Belacan was not too spicy but generally, just ok.

Overall, it was a good meal...
However, as we were rushing off after dinner (since it was still raining lightly at the time) I forgot to take a business card from the restaurant.
(Bah! Silly, silly J!)

I will try to update the contact details soon.....

So it's: Good food at good prices BUT horrible parking and slightly run down, "rustic" ambience

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Restaurant Siu Siu @ Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, KL (near Taman Seputih area)

No. 15-11, Lorong Syed Putra Kiri,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Taste: 7
Ambience : 4
Service : 6
Price** : RM 25/++ per person
Parking: OK ***

** Approximation - Chinese meal, excluding drinks
*** They have a small, run down parking area just opposite.

Telephone No.: 016-370 8555/ 016-309 8038
Opening Hours: 11am - late (Closed on Mondays)


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  1. to wuching:
    Happy boxing day to you too!

  2. This looks like Sui Sui. Heard good things abt it and have been waiting for my friends to gather to try this place.

  3. to boo_licious:
    Hey, thanks for reminding me the name (I've added it into my post already)....!
    It was really careless of me to run off without getting the restaurant's business card but it was raining so heavily at the time...
    (Now I just need someone to give me the phone number....)

  4. man.. that was the one i missed
    cos of the heavy rain.. =P

  5. to soo jin:
    Well, we definately ate your share of the food as well!
    (We were so greedy!)
    Nvm lah, there will be other times... I don't mind going back there sometime soon actually.

  6. The butter prawns looks different from the one I made here...I guessed the recipe I got was wrong?! LOL.

  7. to RasaMalaysia:
    Well, I think your Butter Prawns look very yummy too!
    (... but yeah, they do look different - I guess the one pictured in my post is the typical Chinese restaurant one with lots of that fluffy deepfried egg bits... )

  8. I went to this place too...
    On a Saturday too.

    The claypot crab rice was good...
    But the rest was just normal.

    Aunts complained that the service was bad!! They got them to recommend but the aunts rejected some and then they refused to recommend any more dishes.

    Aunts were unhappy.

    Btw, i thought it's Siu Siu??

  9. to baby princess:
    Bad service?
    Well, can't say that I'm surprised - it was ok the night I went there but you know lah: Msian restaurants service level is very erratic....

    Anyway, is it called Siu Siu??
    Maybe I'm mistaken - I'll check the next time I go back there.

  10. Restaurant Siu Siu at Taman Seputih is a very good restaurant.. if you are going to visit there again, you may try their fish maw soup... it taste like shark fin soup... and their specialty are fresh water fish from some of the rivers in peninsular malaysia...

  11. to toiletroll:
    Yum yum. Sounds good!
    Usually I don't order soup when I go there (to leave more space in my tummy for the delicious crabs/ prawns/ pork/ etc dishes) but I will try that the next time I go there.

    (Thanks for the recommendation)


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