Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pasta Fredo

I hate to kick someone when they are already down but this place really isn't very good...

The Dinner

Placed in the Taman Tun area (in the same row of shops as the Boathouse), Pasta Fredo looks nice enough.... simple but classy fittings, comfortable seating, etc:
A peek at Pasta Fredo

At first we were feeling a little wary of trying this place out, as it was completely empty...
(You know the usual rule of restaurants lah: If it's empty, that means that there's a high chance that something is wrong with it)
... but we decided to take a risk and just give the place a chance.

That night we started off with the Deep Fried Calamari:
The Calamari!

Overall, it was pretty good.... The calamari tasted fresh and the batter was wonderfully crispy...

However, the mains are a different story....
That evening, we had the Lamb Shank and the Mushroom and (Turkey) Ham Pizza:
Left to right: The Pizza and the Lamb Shank

Both these dishes were reputed (by the friendly waiter) to be the restaurant's specialty.
Ermmmmm, ok.....
Well, if these are the specialties then I don't know what the rest will taste like.

First of all, the Lamb Shank was pretty tough and the brown sauce was just a bit too salty... The Mushroom and (Turkey) Ham Pizza was also a total disappointment - it had a starchy, soft pizza base with negligable amounts of toppings....
(Actually, that pizza tasted suspiciously like the generic frozen pizza that you can get from any supermarket freezer)

I lost the receipt but I remember (vaguely) that the Lamb Shank cost about RM28 and the Pizza was about RM22.
(Don't take my word on it though)
In any case, whatever the exact price was, I felt a little cheated.
Probably the only thing I would order again is the calamari.....
(IF I ever go back there, that is)

So, it's: Friendly waiters, comfortable ambience BUT the food really isn't that great....

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Pasta Fredo La Cucina Mediterrane @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL

Taste: 4.5
Ambience : 6
Service : 6
Price** : RM 50/++ per person
Parking: Difficult on weekdays, OK on weekends

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-7710 0021
Opening Hours: 12pm - 2.30pm, 6.30pm - 11.30pm


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  1. Seems yummy! Would like to try out there^^

  2. J, go try Porto Romano which is at Persiaran Zaaba i.e. at the back of La Manila - food is excellent there. They serve Med food i.e. Italian and Albanian. We keep revisiting this place as it's value for money. It's really nice and cosy inside. If u want more info on what we ate, drop me an email. Note this a branch of their outlet in Ampang's City Square.

  3. to meiyen:
    Well, after having the mains there, I wasn't convinced that the desserts would be nice so I decided not to order...

    to ~theangel~:
    Well, I didn't have a very good experience there but that definately doesn't mean that you shouldn't go try it...
    It could be that they were just having a "bad day" when I went there...

    to boo_licious:
    Ooh... sounds interesting!
    Thanks for the recommendation - will try it soon.
    Never know - maybe we'll bump into each other there!

  4. j, no wonder! hardly see you not to order desserts to end your meal :p

  5. Thanks for the tip off. I will definitely avoid this place.

  6. to meiyen:
    Yeah - I am usually very greedy!
    If the food is good I will order dessert even though I am already very full!

    to malaysian food review:
    Well, you can always still try it it you want to take a gamble...
    You never know, maybe their chef will turn into a genius overnight..
    (I know I'm definately not going back anytime soon though)


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