Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Young Again


Oh man.
I am REALLY not young as I used to be....
I've only been working late 2 days and I'm already feeling so tired!

At least the weekend was great anyway.

Saturday was lazy as usual...
... but Sunday was special because I was a flowergirl at my friend's wedding!

That was only my 2nd time ever in such an important role: Once at my cousin's wedding (when I was 7 years old) and then on Sunday.
(Erm... am I getting too old for the job though?)

It was all good fun:
Standing on the red carpet, throwing flower petals and confetti - YAY!
(Made me feel young again)

Anyway, congratulations Tj and K!
You two make such a great couple - may you keep each other happy forever....

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Merv Kwok said...


Thought that's usually reserved for short little things less than 3 feet tall? Hehehe :P

J said...

to merv:
What can I say?
I like to challenge the stereotypes of the world...

Hijackqueen said...

Flowergirl still ok. But old wives tale said cannot be a bridesmaid for 3 times or else you will be a spinter. Scary hor.

J said...

to hijackqueen:
Then it's very dangerous to be a bridesmaid!
I still feel like I may be just a LITTLE too old to be a flowergirl though...

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