Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sometimes Love Comes In Little Boxes

YAY for presents!
This Xmas, my darling got me 2!
One decoy present (placed under our teeny weeny Christmas tree):

(What's inside?: A little bottle of perfume)

And one "real" present!:

(What's inside?: A pretty, pretty silver ring with a heart design)
*jumps up and down excitedly*
It's so PWETTY!

I love both presents (especially the second one) but now I feel super guilty....
The silly boy wasn't supposed to get me anything already since we had already very impatiently exchanged our Christmas presents much earlier.

I can't complain though, can I?

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  1. awww...that's really nice and sweet of him!!! ;)

  2. Yeah, that is so sweet esp since everyone covets those egg blue boxes.

  3. I know that box...isn't that from Tiffany's....Hmmm...didn't see that in your "Star" wish list....

  4. That shows how much your boy-boy loves u, J. ;)

    I had phonecalls from friends in the States, UK & Oz.. their friendship, care & concern meant so much more than if they had sent me a gift.

    Locally.. in reality, I had more hugs this Christmas than I ever had.. including a big hug & a kiss from each of my parents when we attended the Christmas Mass together.

    Spread the Love.. that's the real spirit of Christmas. ;)

    HUGS! :)

  5. to meiyen:
    I think so too...
    (... but that's why I feel so guilty now!)

    to boo_licious, strangerdroppingby and hungryox:
    I didn't know it was that obvious... Clearly, Tiffany has got very strong branding!

    to Jemima:
    Yeah, that's true...
    It's the little gestures of love and friendship that are really priceless...
    (Although presents don't hurt either - haha)
    I hope you will have a great New Year ahead too!

  6. to ~theangel~:
    Merry Christmas to you too!
    (And a Happy New Year as well!)

  7. Ahh that show how much he care.
    Lucky you. :P

  8. Oh my! Lucky girl now aren't you! Heheh =)

  9. to che-cheh:
    Yeah, I guess he can be really sweet sometimes...

    to merv:
    Yeah... thanks, Mervy.


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