Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thick Skinned

Hmmm, *thinks* which restaurant should I get generous Mr. Wuching to belanja me at?


1) La Fite @ KL Shangri-La Hotel
Located at the KL Shangri-La and reputed to be one of the most expensive French restaurants in town.... I have never tried the food here but perhaps now is an excellent opportunity?

2) Prime @ Le Meridien Hotel
Apparently this place has melt in your mouth steaks (Wagyu beef! YUMS!!) with equally delish sauces....

3) Unique Seafood @ PJ area
Another interesting place that I've been meaning to try....
They are supposed to have loads of fresh seafood - from prawns to lobsters to exotic fish - prepared in a variety of ways...

4) Any other suggestions???

Or if I actually grow a conscience by January 2007, maybe I'll settle for some rustic open air dining at Jalan Alor......
(So that Mr. Wuching can have his fill of yummy Malaysian delicacies like Ikan Bakar and Hokkien Mee at the same time)

Ahh, choices, choices....
So many choices!

What should I do?
(And how many friends should I bring along??? MUAHAHAHHAHAHA)

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  1. bring me, bring me!!!! :p ohhhhh Lafite is good!!!!! then right after dinner @ Lafite we hop to Jalan Alor cause i am sure food @ Lafite won't fill up your tummy though... :p ekekekekekeke

  2. whats wrong with malaysian delicacies? i'm going so far to sample malaysian delicacies leh! hehe

  3. to meiyen:
    The more the merrier, right?

    to wuching:
    Aiyah - best of both worlds mah: One round of yummy French food for dinner and then one round of yummy Malaysian food for supper.
    Sound good to you?

  4. v interesting...

    let yr hearts decide ...then da ( as meiyen always says ) the fun(s) begin !

    Its the month 2 b merry remember ?

  5. Poor Wuching! But he shld pay through his nose since he will be getting 2 pretty bloggers for the price of a dinner. Really cheap deal considering he earns Aussie dollar.

    Lafite is not such a great choice - I reckon, Cilantro is better. However, it shld be an all day affair - starting with BKT brekkie, lunch at a hawker stall where he can eat lots of char siu and siu yoke and followed by dinner at Cilantro.

  6. wei, consider to bring me ler.. hahaha
    i wanna go eat alsoooo

  7. Pick somewhere super ex and bring meeee!!!

  8. to tonixe:
    Yups! - we'll let our hearts (and tummies) decide!

    to boo_licious:
    Great idea!
    Hahaa, hopefully he won't think that we are taking advantage of his generosity....
    (Yums! I love Cilantro... It's just that I've never tried La Fite yet...)

    to cely:
    I think the more the merrier...
    (and it would be nice to meet you)
    ... but probably we should all ask Mr Wuching?
    (I will email him first, k?)

    to merv:
    You come back to Malaysia then we all go out and eat together-gether lah...

  9. that's a great idea from boo! :p

    tonixe is right, it's da month to be merry! ekekekekeke

  10. how can u not bring me..
    i bear the discount cards.. =P

    prime is an example.. mwahahaha


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