Wednesday, December 27, 2006

That Time Of Year Again

I can't believe it's the 27th of December already....
Only 5 more days till the New Year!!

I usually get pretty moody around this time of year... if only because I am never happy when I measure myself against what I wanted to achieve for the year...

For example:
Q1: Has J lost 10 pounds of fat yet?
A1: No. In fact she's gained about 5 more pounds.

Q2: Has J started earning indecently large amounts of money yet?
A2: Are you kidding? Her salary increment in 2006 was only about 4%!
(And 4% extra of what what was already very little is really not much of a difference at all....)

Q3: Has J grown to be a better person this year?
A3: Ah.... it depends on who you ask but mostly, the answer would be NO.

Ok lah.
So maybe my yearly resolutions are a bit typical.
(You'll definately not find any "Oh, I want to join the Peace Corps" or "I want to donate all my money to charity" sorta goals in there.... not yet anyway...)

So for 2007, I'll go about this a bit differently.... Instead of setting lofty goals, I'll try to have slightly more measureable and achievable targets:
1) Just lose the extra 5 pounds as a start,
(No more banana leaf rice for lunch! *waiiiil*)

2) Read at least one (non-fiction) book every 3 months,
(Feed brain with facts!)

3) Negotiate much harder for a better increment (at least 6%),
(3 years working experience has to be worth something, right?)

4) Be nicer to parents and darling bf.
(No more snapping at them when stressed out with work! They shouldn't have to put up with my sh1t!)

5) Oh, and one more: Drink less alcohol! Drink more water!
(Only 4 3 2 beers a week, maximum!)

That's a start I suppose....
So, what are your New Year Resolutions for 2007?

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  1. to wuching:
    Happy New Year to you too!

  2. hi J,
    i hav just graduated n bck to msia for gud adi.
    happy new year n dun get moody oh!
    guess my new year resolution is to get a job...;p

  3. to xiu long bao:
    Welcome back!
    Best of luck in your job search... but try to take your time lah (It's nice to earn your own money but it's even better to have a nice long break before you have to sell your soul to the corporate rat race)


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