Friday, December 01, 2006

Can You Smell It?

It's almost here!
Ah, the fresh scent of the weekend.... so close, so close...

I do hope everyone has had a good week....
Mine has been ok: Work as usual - nothing new....

On another note, I feel sick.
Ate at a restaurant in Taman Tun last night and have now discovered that although I thought that the food tasted ok at the time, it was probably SO heavily MSG-ed that I am now left with a permanently dry throat/ thirsty-ness and a lingering uncomfortable feeling in my tummy....

Me hates MSG.

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  1. yo, J! check this Sh*t out.

  2. Aaah, but it makes ecerything taste sooooo good! Mmmmm ... yummy yellow powder! It must be tough living in KL if you hate MSG!

    Am sorry you're feeling poorly, though *ooooor* but as you say, weekend is here, and you know what that means ... fine dining! *woo hoo*

    Cheer up, rumbly guts

  3. yes j, it's weekend!!!! *jumping up and down* and i am already looking forward to xmas & new year holidays ekekekekke... :D

  4. to b:
    So, is that what you are getting me for Christmas?

    to donkeyblog:
    I don't mind MSG thaaaat much... as long as it's in moderation.
    Too much just makes me feel sick...

    to meiyen:
    Time to relax!

  5. Yayyyy d weekend!!! Yippidy doooooo!!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!!!
    Eh got Sale I heard...start TODAy.... wheeeee!!!

    Tomolo going to check out this seafood place in Klang again, after one year plus not being there. Review soon....

  6. to pam:
    Ha ha...
    Good to see that you are happy...


  7. I hate MSG too. Had beef noodles that day and it was so laden with MSG, it gave me a headache. Lots of sales everywhere. Scary as it makes u want to spend spend spend!

  8. to boo_licious:
    Awww, you poor thing...
    That's a pretty severe MSG reaction!
    I didn't quite get a headache but I was walking around the whole day feeling blur/ cloudy...

    MSG is evil.
    Sales are evil too!

  9. I hate it when tat happen too.... so thirsty..keep on drinking water n peeing none stop! :(

  10. to honey star:
    Ya lorr...
    It's damn irritating!
    (That day, I think I must have drank about 6 big bottles of water and gone to the toilet almost every half an hour..... and I still felt thirsty!)

  11. I'm going to cuba, my lovely J. I'll get you a cuban.

  12. to b:
    I'm jealous!
    I wanna go to Cuba toooooo......
    I suppose a gift of a nice Cuban will soothe my jealousy a tad though....
    Hey, when are you coming to visit us in Malaysia??


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