Thursday, December 14, 2006

Addiction Is Fun

I think I am getting withdrawal symptoms....

Some genius in my company's IT department decided that Blogger Beta should be filtered from everyone's web access because it is apparently categorised as.... *drum roll*

I'm serious.
I usually go in to the office earlier than I should so that I can just take a few minutes to touch up whatever I typed at home the night before and put up my post, ping it on and then start my work like a good minion should...

... but just after I click "Publish" for my post this morning, my world came crashing down.
(I still can't believe it: Blogger Beta = P0RN??? WTF....?! )

So now, not only can I not access and update my own blog... but I cannot comment on anyone else's blog if it's on Blogger Beta and does not allow anonymous comments.

How will I while away my lunch hour now?
I need to visit and comment on my regular blog haunts!

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  1. my dear lol

    That's what i use whenever something gets blocked

  2. Owwwww that is terrible. I can't imagine what my life would be if I'm in your same senario.

  3. O_o omg, that's not good!!!! :(

  4. There's one option for you ... you could try a proxy server.

    First enable the pop-up window block ('cause proxies always give you opo-ups, and then your IT Dept really will have aporn problem!), then type in

    Then within that window, you should be able to access Beta.

    Just an idea to make u sane.

    Merry Christmas, I'll catch you in 2007.

  5. to merv:
    I tried Anonymouse this morning in the office and it's blocked (filtered as "Proxy Avoidance")!!!!
    EVIL IT ppl!
    (Thanks for the suggestion though - it was worth a try)

    to che-cheh:
    I feel like something is missing... like they took away my arm....

    to wuching:
    I can't live without it!

    to meiyen:
    Yeah - I feel so sad!

    to donkeyblog:
    Hmmm... I'll try it first thing on Monday morning!
    *keeps fingers crossed*
    Hopefully the IT ppl haven't blocked it yet....

  6. Yeah, IT people are getting smart abt blogs nowadays. The next thing is whether they will take action against employees who blog against the companies.


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