Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm Not OK

"I can't liiiiiiiiiive.... if living is without yoooooou......", J the Chocoholic sings sadly, "I can't LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE if living is without yoooooouuu-ooh-ooooooh!"

Feel so sad.
Blogger is still blocked from my company Web access.

Have even tried a few proxy avoidance sites like (Thanks for the suggestion Merv!) but the EVIL IT ppl have already added it to their list of blocked websites...

Overall, today wasn't too bad though...
Crazily busy with work.
Or maybe I'm just trying very hard to forget my Blog-less existence.

It huuuuuurts....

(EE-yeerrrr... So whine-y, right? Haha... Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend ahead! *hugs*)

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Lucifer said...

poor you :( LOL i see you find IT people EVIL huh .....

have a great weekend too ;)

Wuching said...

hehe..sounds like ur singing at the karaoke! encore! encore!

Pam said...

Aiiyaaak... naper they blog mia... cheyyyyyyy...hmphhhh..

But... Let's not let that dampen our weekend mood la...


J said...

to lucifer:
Well,.. it's because they are!
Are you one of Them??
(Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend too.... )

to wuching:
Thank you thank you...
I'd better not though - it might flood here in Msia...

to pam:
(I hope you have a great weekend!)

cely said...

ahhaha, cant wait to see ur own domain! :p

B said...

your company is going to think that you are a porn addict. hahahha!

hope it workds out well

to da lou

J said...

to cely:
Well, I've been sitting on it for a while but looks like the situation is forcing me to move faster...
... so hopefully it'll be up soon.

to b:
Me? P0rn addict??
I hope it works out too.

Merv Kwok said...

Damn the IT people in your office. I'll find you another way haha

J said...

to merv "knight in shining armour" kwok:

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