Monday, December 18, 2006

Singapore Express

Here's a quick one... (sorry lah - busy with work)

Like many other Hong Kong concept eateries, C-Jade Express's ambience is bright and chirpy:

We started off with the Beijing Dumplings (approx RM6.50):

Overall, it was "OK" - the dumpling filling was reasonably flavourful but the "skin" was too thick. Fortunately, it wasn't very starchy though.

I tried the "Char Cheong Mein" (ermm... that roughly translates into Meat Sauce Noodles I think):

This noodle dish costs roughly RM9 and I suppose it tastes ok but I was disappointed because I was expecting somethine more along the lines of the normal "Char Cheong Mein" with the thick noodles and the savoury sauce with minced meat.
(Arrgh - I miss the Shanghai Dumpling restaurant in Melbourne Chinatown... *sigh* They had an excellent "Char Cheong Mein")
Instead what I got was a savoury but slightly sweet sauce with chunks of meat and the normal wantan noodles....

My mum opted for the special "2 Meat Rice" dish:

Basically, for around RM9.50, you can choose 2 types of meat (roast pork, roast chicken, crispy pork, etc) to be served with your rice.

My mum had chosen the crispy pork and roast pork - I was pleasantly surprised when I stole a piece (or two). I always expect shopping center chinese food to taste bad but the pork here was pretty good.... Definately not excellent but better than average (for a shopping center).

Generally, the food there is ok - it tastes alright and is pretty affordable (you can eat there for less than RM15).

There are not many Non Halal chinese food choices in Midvalley anyway so there's really not much "competition" for it in the direct vicinity. In any case, it's worth a try... (I suppose it was always just a matter of time that this popular Singaporean chain made it's move into the Malaysian market)...

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  1. Try their roast duck, it's nice also. Usually we just eat the roast meats as that's their specialty at this outlet.

  2. i've always wanna try this place but never have a chance! and i didn't even know that it's a singapore eatery :p but da roast pork looks good! must serve with rice or can opt for noodle?

  3. i gotta check this place out looks yum yum yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;)

  4. Wow yummlicious 'siu yoke'!
    So juicy and fat. Hehehe

    Gonna try it the next time I'm there.

  5. to boo_licious:
    Mmm... I love roast duck.
    Will try that next time.

    to meiyen:
    The Crystal Jade chain of restaurants is really strong in Sg... Maybe you have seen it before but didn't notice?
    Anyway, not so sure about whether can choose between rice and noodles...
    (Kee kee.. you go there to check then you can write a review too!)

    to lucifer:
    Go, go!
    Pork is yummy!
    (Erm... sorry to whoever has Halal requirements out there)

    to che-cheh:
    Ya loh, sadly, good siu yoke must have that glorious balance of meat and fat to be yummy...
    (So unhealthy but taste so good!)

  6. err... why do they call themselves singapore express? lol

  7. mmmm..the siew yoke is yummy!! The suckling pig also not bad..and im addicted to the dried shrimp/chilli. :)

    The last time, when i was at C-jade..this malaysian couple and this singaporean couple was shouting at each other.. really drama. I tot they were gonna punch each other. hehe

  8. to merv:
    Well,... they are from Singapore after all.
    ... and the temporary re-naming is more for my post lah.

    to honey star:
    Mmmmm.... must try that next time!
    Fooyor - what were the 2 couples fighting about lah?
    (Some ppl are crazy)

  9. The roast duck was nice, but the roast pork tasted so so only...not that crispy.I still prefer the one served at Mr Ho's Fine Foods

  10. to malaysianfoodguide:
    Authentic coffeeshop roast pork is still always the best!
    ... but well, it's still ok though for a shopping center Chinese restaurant, right?

  11. to malaysianfoodguide:
    Authentic coffeeshop roast pork is still always the best!
    ... but well, it's still ok though for a shopping center Chinese restaurant, right?

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