Thursday, December 07, 2006

Terima Kasih

A gigantic thank you to my darling P, who:
1) sat through me bitching about my job, or more specifically: my complete lack of a burning passion/ goal in life (career-wise) for what must have felt like an eternity,
2) comforted me, AND
3) patiently and calmly gave me advise, even as I pouted and frowned grumpily back at him like a 5 year old.



Enough of this soppiness and back to work.
Happy Thursday everyone!

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cely said...

ahhaha... sweet..!

And Wow, it's Thursday alreadyyyyyyyy

hungryox said... lucky!!! Now...where's the food?

J said...

to cely:
Yeah lor... the week passed by so quickly, didn't it?

to hungryox:
You mean that he is lucky or I am lucky?
Will post up a new food/ restaurant review next week... I can't eat out every single day - no money!

Wuching said...

so lovey dovey huh!

Merv Kwok said...

Awwwwww....... Why don't I have a gf like you? LoL

J said...

to wuching:
I luf him mah...
So, lovey-dovey lorr..
(Guilty as charged!)

to merv kwok:
*J's ego bloats up*
Well, I'm one of a kind!
(So, you like grumpy girls who pout a lot and gripe about work??)

Anonymous said...

so one good guy taken.... No wonder having extinction lar....

Enjoy your weekend.


J said...

to Pam:
Yeah,... and he's all mine, mine, MINE!

Hey, don't worry - there are still many more good (single) guys out there!

Pam said...

got or dun haf... nemind. am ok... hehe!

Happy for u. Cherish him ya...

Haffa great week!!!

J said...

to pam:
I hope you have a great week too!

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